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Sustainable Synthetic Siding on Point with Traditional Wood

By on April 14, 2018

We wanted something durable, green and sustainable that would also be attractive and authentic to the home’s appearance.

Pining for a rough-hewn redwood exterior proved cost-prohibitive for an historic home renovation project.

Unfortunately, the home’s exterior siding had become a patchwork of numerous repairs and alterations over the years. Extensive rot, pest damage and the need for earthquake retrofitting and waterproofing upgrades necessitated removal of the original material. You’d pay a huge premium, if you could even find it.

Consequently, we sought to find an attractive, durable and cost-effective alternative for their special project and discovered Boral TruExterior® Siding & Trim.

The Solution:

Their TruExterior V-Rustic Siding profile matches to the T the wood that was originally used to side the home’s exterior.

 It reflects the look, feel and character of the charming home. It’s an historically and architecturally accurate profile.

The siding is painted to further resemble the original old-growth redwood.

The product consisting of 70 percent recycled content is made of the exclusive poly-ash material, a coal combustion product – otherwise bound for landfill – combined with a polymer, creating boards that can be milled and handled like wood.

The synthetic siding, manufactured in the United States, is resistant to termites, moisture, rot, and damage caused by environmental exposure. It also maintains its dimensional integrity and remains stable during weathering and temperature change.

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