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Safety First: Pool Deck Gets TracSafe® Anti-Slip Sealer

By on May 7, 2021

Children, grandchildren and pets. Those are the top reasons why homeowner Tina Puccinelli recently added an anti-slip sealer to her pool deck.

 “I always worried because the concrete and bricks around the pool got slippery when wet,” says Puccinelli, a resident of Auburn, Calif. “Our patio area takes up the entire backyard. And, we use this outdoor area year-round. We needed a solution to help prevent falls on the slippery surface. At the same time, I also wanted to keep the patio surface cooler in hot summer months.”

Seeking a Solution

 After doing extensive research, Puccinelli selected TracSafe® Anti-Slip Sealer from Daich Coatings.

With anti-slip ratings up to twice the OSHA standard, TracSafe provides aggressive anti-slip performance with all-weather durability for areas around any pool surface. And, award-winningTracSafe performs double-duty, as both a high performance clear coat that strengthens and protects surfaces, while also helping to protect the people who walk on it from slip and fall mishaps. Its high-performance, odorless water-based technology bonds firmly to all types of flooring and surface materials, from concrete, masonry, stone and pavers, to tile, vinyl, linoleum and pre-painted surfaces —indoors and out.

In swimming pool settings, TracSafe can be applied to deck areas, backyard surfaces, steps and entrances. Pool changing room areas, showers and other horizontal surfaces also benefit from the anti-slip sealer.

More Traction, Cooler Surface

“Applying the coating was easy and the results are terrific,” says Puccinelli. “It feels like there’s more traction available when the surface is wet, so it’s not as slick. And, even during our hot days, it’s cooler to walk on with your bare feet. That’s important not just for my family, but also for our small dogs.”

Another benefit Puccinelli has discovered is the durability that the TracSafe sealer has provided. “During Springtime the cement usually gets a moss build up which takes a lot of time to clean off,” says Puccinelli. “So far, where I’ve applied the TracSafe I don’t have any moss to worry about. And, the sealed cement provides a much easier clean up with the dogs.”

Puccinelli is such a fan of the TracSafe product that she’s offered to apply the sealer for her neighbors in their yard. “They’re much older and retired,” says Puccinelli. “They also get a great deal of moss buildup, so this product will help with ease of maintenance. Plus, for safety sake, they’ll be much better off with a product like TracSafe on their patio and pool deck areas.”

Easy Installation

To install TracSafe, simply roll down two coats of the product a few hours apart using a 3/8” paint roller. Light foot traffic can be resumed in four to six hours (or when fully dry), with normal foot traffic allowed the following day after a 24-hour cure period.

TracSafe’s anti-slip coating technology lays down a uniform foot traction surface that exhibits effective slip resistance properties in both wet and dry conditions, with bare feet and various common pedestrian and work footwear.

The aggressive bond strength of TracSafe does the rest, locking its slip-resistant performance into place to battle the most common and challenging conditions. TracSafe contains a low VOC pre-mixed formula that features fast dry-time and easy water clean-up. Once applied, TracSafe provides all-season exterior durability and reliable long-term slip-resistance indoors and out.

TracSafe, along with other Daich Coatings primers and decorative concrete products, is available online at Lowe’s®The Home Depot® or online at


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