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Kichler is the Brand Homeowners and Professionals Know and Trust Since 1938

By on June 17, 2018
Kichler Lighting


604 Second Street, Brentwood, California is a turn of the century bungalow style home, simple in stylishness and finishes. The word bungalow is often used to mean any small 20th century home that uses space efficiently.

As stated by, it is believed to have been constructed from a catalog kit around the turn of the last century, the home consists of two bedrooms, one bath, living room, dining area, kitchen, nook, and laundry room in approximately 1177 square feet. There is a single car freestanding garage immediately adjacent to the residence. Both structures sit on a lot that is slightly less than one-quarter acre.


Carol Carey:

  • When the little bungalow now located at 604 Second Street in Old Town Brentwood, California, was first built in 1906, it had no electricity whatsoever.
  • In 1911, when it was moved intact from its initial location – among 600 or so small mail-order catalog kit homes clustered in a nearby coal and copper mining camp – a minimal amount of “new-fangled” electric wiring was added.
  • Before any updating for this home could begin, the Carey Brothers had to remove virtually every mechanical system, which included 100% of the electrical wiring (along with plumbing, sewer lines, heating, etc.) to make way for some new up-to-date electrical systems, appliances and lighting.
  • I met with the homeowners, Robin and Mike, to select both a supplier and the type of fixtures that would provide both desirable illumination and period authenticity.



Carol Carey

  • When it came to selecting the fixtures, we wanted to have a coordinated and vintage look throughout and Kichler lighting and ceiling fans met those needs perfectly.
  • Kichler is renown for its award-winning quality and craftsmanship and offers extensive suites of coordinated products that allow transforming any space into a stunning setting…. and in our case, with fixtures that were also reminiscent in every respect to the early 1900s.
  • I couldn’t have been more pleased as the finished lighting met our every expectation… from quality and continuity to even the proportion of the fixtures to every room in the home. The installed fixtures looked even better than what we saw on their website. Everything matches and the homeowner is just thrilled.

Homeowners Mike and Robin

  • Our home had an array of lighting fixtures from various different time periods, none of which provided adequate light.
  • During the design phase, Morris Carey developed an electrical plan that not only met today’s building codes and energy savings standards but also ensured adequate lighting would be provided for our entire property.

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