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2020-2021 Color Trends: Living Life Full Circle

By on December 4, 2019

Popular colors in 2020 are all about life … experiencing it fully, enjoying it softly and engaging in it passionately.  According to national color expert Kate Smith, trending colors in 2020 and 2021 will both move the soul and embrace the spirit of life.

Colors trending in 2020-21 are earthy and fun,” says Smith, chief color maven at Sensational Color. “There are four distinct color palettes I’m seeing that are rising in popularity. On one end of the spectrum there are earthy, connected colors and then there are fun, playful colors on the other end.

“Trend colors can definitely serve as an inspiration to people who are making changes to their home exteriors. Most homeowners will find that the palettes that work best for them are those that align with their personalities. People should start with that idea in mind and then find the version of the color that works best for their home designs.”

Kate Smith: Color Trend Insights for 2020/2021

Coming Full Circle

According to Smith, our innate need for connections drives human concern and compassion for others, animals, and the earth. Rather than standing apart, we strive to live in step with our world, embracing the yin yang of opposing but complementary forces on earth. 

“A full-circle approach to design includes using biodegradable materials and repurposing manufacturing waste,” says Smith. “Consumers may also seek eco-friendly practices and products with longer life spans, like composite roofing or vinyl siding. 

“Our evolving view of the world around us comes to life in colors that feel natural, stable, and balanced yet vibrant and fully alive. Naval, Back to Nature, Chinese Porcelain, Thunder, Back to Nature, and Intenso Beige all mirror this attitude. These are earthy and connected colors that could all be used on a home’s siding or as accent colors on an exterior.”

A Life Well Lived

Whether at home, work or out in the world, humans seek spaces where we can be ourselves to do and dream. To confidently breathe in life and calmly exhale our truth. We desire authenticity and ease in all that is essential to life. 

Design goes beyond “form follows function” as materials and technology are integrated to produce designs focused on well-being. Using what scientists have learned about how visual aesthetics can impact our brains and physiology, designers employ color, lighting, sounds, scents, and textures to stimulate our senses.

“Softness in color and tactile materials drive designs that nurture the spirit,” says Smith. “The feel of a surface is as important as its look and must appeal to all of our senses — First Light, Golden Straw, Crystalline, Individual White, and Light Drizzle are all colors that embody this soft, calm mood.”


Experiencing Life

As Millennials age and come into their own, it appears a new nomadic lifestyle is replacing the goal of settling down for many. With mobility and freedom in mind, the focus turns to what is essential and meaningful in life. Anything more will weigh us down physically, mentally, and emotionally. We want to travel lightly, be positive, and embrace every experience.

“Designs that support a lighter lifestyle take their cues from a blend of Scandinavian style and Japanese aesthetics,” says Smith. “The look is clean, sophisticated, functional, and adaptable. People experiencing life to its fullest unite with their adventurous spirit through ‘connecting colors’ such as Dark Clove, Brown Clay, Cocoa Whip, Cushing Green, and Creamy Mushroom.

“Just imagine a home with any of these appealing colors as a composite shake or slate roof, like one would find from DaVinci Roofscapes, overhead and you can almost feel the homeowners connecting with their home setting.”


Free-Spirited Lover of Life

With a need to rise above the fray of everyday normalities, playful colors beckon us to step over to the lighter side of life. We need to have fun, a few laughs among friends, and enough carefree moments to reinvigorate our zest for life.

“Our lives are ever-changing, and our style less formal than in previous decades,” says Smith. “We want to be entertained and to experiment with new ideas. Our homes become a place to both stimulate our creativity and express our personality — both inside and out.

“We’re striving toward color, pattern, and texture, all of which will be used to create carefully edited Instagram-worthy spaces. The ‘pops of color’ used in home décor from these trendy colors show our lighter sides of life!”

Designers dip into the brighter side of the palette to create energetic color schemes and clever color combinations for these free-spirited colors. Bluebird, Aquarium, Rustic Pottery, Gambol Gold and Calypso Berry all add a dose of playfulness and humor to any space.


“These four color groupings define our emotional living status right now,” says Smith. “From full painted walls to accent throw pillows, you’ll see these colors growing in popularity for home décor over the next several years.

“Don’t be surprised if you also find some cross over colors. A person may wish to have composite siding on their home’s exterior in a more serene color of Cushing Green, but on the interior you’ll find splashes of their Free Spirited colors of Calypso Berry or Gambol Gold on an accept wall.”

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