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Selling? Staying? Doesn’t Matter … Curb Appeal Adds Value to All Homes

By on July 23, 2021

5 DIY Weekend Curb Appeal Projects

In today’s hot real estate market, whether you’re moving on or hunkering down, enhancing the exterior home appearance is a top goal for homeowners. During National Curb Appeal Month in August, experts at Daich Coatings offer five cost-effective DIY projects to upgrade the exterior of the home with real stone coatings.

Project #1: Porch and Walkways

Homeowner Amanda Bartley recently turned her boring concrete walkways and front porch into eye-catching exterior elements of her house. The Virginia homeowner used SpreadStone Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kits for the transformations. For her projects, Bartley selected the Cold Gold Slate color and used a Flagstone Stencil Kit from Daich Coatings.

The pre-mixed, factory-tinted stone coating system locks onto concrete to create a surface with a stunning decorative appeal and outstanding performance, adding instant curb appeal. The kits contain primer, base coat, accent coat, clear sealer, stone texture roller and quarter-inch grout line stencil tape.

For Bartley, the product application was easy. “On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest, I’d give this a 2,” says Bartley. “The only real challenge was the learning curve of working with the stencil. That was a bit challenging, but so worth the extra effort in the end.”

Project #2: Pathways and Pool Area

In North Carolina, homeowner Chuck Hanson has become obsessed with covering his home’s exterior surfaces with RollerRock®. He has tackled a garage floor, garage apron, pathways around his house and a pool area. This summer he plans to redo his driveway.

“I’ve purchased lots of products in my lifetime and hardly ever do they live up to the hype,” says Hanson. “RollerRock was a REAL find. It’s an impressive product that offers both a solid surface finish and has truly upgraded the look of my home’s exterior.

“This has been the best and easiest project I’ve ever done. It’s a cinch for anyone. Friends who have seen what I’ve accomplished with RollerRock can’t believe I actually did it!”

Traditionally used on horizontal surfaces (like walkways and driveways), RollerRock comes in 15 colors and, like other Daich Coatings products, resists salt, chemical, impact and abrasion, along with hot tire pickup. The real stone coating also resists freeze/thaw conditions, mold, mildew, water and UV rays.

Project #3: Stairs and Paths

Newly-enhanced Terrazzo decorative granite resurfacer comes in six pre-mixed colors, including Silverado, Pearl Grey, Moonscape, Café, Glacier and Tangiers. The easy-to-apply real stone coating makes a strong first-impression when used on exterior stairs, pathways and porches.

Front entry door with concrete floor porch and flowers pot. Northwest, USA

“Terrazzo offers the beauty of real granite, but you just roll it on!” says Peter Daich, president of Daich Coatings. “This product covers and hides hairline cracks and minor flaws in existing surfaces. It magically resurfaces the old concrete surface with a flexible, water-tight and easy-to-clean finish.”

Project #4: Porch and Steps

In Pennsylvania, Mike Kubecki gave new life to his pock-marked front porch with Daich Coatings SpreadRock® granite stone coating in a Flint Gray color. Then, to seal in the beauty while providing a safer surface, he applied TracSafe® Anti-Slip Sealer to the surfaces. 

“These are impressive products that helped transform our porch and stairs,” says Kubecki. “There are no more holes in the surface. Applying the SpreadRock product leveled out the porch.

“For me, the best thing is that the porch now has traction. I was always worried about people slipping and falling when the floor gets wet. The TracSafe product gave the porch a non-skid surface so I no longer have to worry.”

Project #5Garage Floor        

Oftentimes, when a garage door is located on the front of the home, it becomes part of the focal aspect of the house. And, when that door is open, the inside of the garage is also exposed to neighbors and passersby.

When Lindsey Wiese moved into her new Texas home, she made the smart move to apply DaiHard® 100 epoxy coating in tan to her garage floor before bikes, bins and boxes started cluttering the floor. Unlike weaker water-based epoxies, DaiHard is a “100% solids” epoxy formula that withstands heavy-duty forklift traffic – but at a cost similar to common water-based offerings.

“I wanted the garage floor to look as nice as the rest of the house,” says Wiese “Applying the coating gives it a ‘finished out,’ customized appearance. The product is so thick, and dries ultra-glossy. One coat is truly all you need. As a new homeowner, I found that the DaiHard 100 kit was the perfect solution for finishing off our garage.”


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