Show Notes: Priceless Interviews – On the House

Show Notes: Priceless Interviews

By on September 8, 2018

 Show notes for radio show On The House with The Carey Brothers recorded live on September 08, 2018

From Chris Fisher to Jeff Miller to Stephen Fanuka, we had million dollar interviews and what transactions they were! First hand information like this is priceless. Did you miss a moment? Don’t worry, your good sense has brought you here to the show notes.

Did you miss the live episode? Don’t worry, you can still check it out here!

What’s New at Carey Brothers?

Morris went off to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to Chief Architect Training and learned tons more about CADD – Computer Aided Drawing and Design!

American Standard Dream Bath: Hot Time in the New Bath Tonight

Carey Brothers Remodeling has just finished a master bath remodel.

The owners were looking for comfort and warmth for their new tile floor. They also chose to install a heated towel bar to warm up their towels and to help dry them.

Some of the perks of a warm floor will even help reduce your need for forced air heat which blows dust and particles around the bath and is noisy.

No more cold feet when you walk out of the shower, so no more small slippery bath rugs that are unsafe!

Warm floor are energy efficient and will help cut utility costs. No more heating up the house for a warm bathroom. The bath can be a consistent temperature all through the cold weather. Just set the thermostat for your favorite temperature and enjoy WARM FEET!

We interviewed Chris Fisher of Certainteed Solar!

We discuss what makes solar look better. Things like “low profile” racks, how affordable it is these days, the warranties and value of solar, and just what is BIPV vs a rack system!

To learn more check out their website

Recall! Rust-oleum Recalls Countertop Coating Due to Violation of Federal Lead Paint Ban

 Rust-Oleum Black Satin Countertop Coating has been recalled because of the hazard of lead paint! As we all know, lead is toxic to both the young and the elderly, especially if ingested as is prone to happen if the coating is on your countertop. Sold places like Ace, The Home Depot and Walmart, not to mention online from Amazon, the best remedy for this recall is simply to replace it.

To learn more view the recall from the CPSC here.

An Old Toilet with a Time-Tested Solution

We answered a caller question for Nancy whose Case toilet is leaking! She couldn’t find the parts she needs to fix it because of its age, but with the Carey Brothers on the job they found her a toll-free number and a website that carries the parts she just might need. If you have an older toilet or other plumbing check out 1-800-959-8116 or their website at

We interviewed Jeff Miller of the Simpson Door Company!

Bet you didn’t think there could be new news in the field of doors! Jeff Miller and the Carey Brothers discuss what’s new, what the trends are, and what consumers, like you, are looking for when they buy and interior door vs an exterior door.

To learn more about Simpson Door, check out their website at

Calvin, a listener and caller, had questions about his brother’s 100-year-old home. 

The windows are old and drafty, and as Morris put it, there may as well be a hole in your wall!

The Carey Brothers give Calvin some advice on ductless mini-splits, insulation, and much, much more to help him out with the chill in the air!

Want some more info about our 100-year-old home update? Check out our remodel of the 604 Second St House!

We interviewed Stephen Fanuka – The Million-Dollar Contractor!

When Beyoncé, Bruce Willis or Annie Leibovitz need renovations done in their home they don’t just call anyone – they all turn to Stephen Fanuka! Stephen is the host of “Million Dollar Contractor” but he is also the guy all the celebs from coast to coast have on speed dial when they have constructions needs in their home.

Stephen discusses:

  • The recent celeb homes he has worked on
  • His favorite celeb renovations
  • Hacks for Getting Hands-on Around the House This Summer: he can discuss top projects people can do around the house (and yard) this summer, a few shortcuts and how, if they have dry hands, GOLD BOND cream is a new hack he’s discovered that allows him to get his hands dirty – literally. Hacks include quick deck fixes, keeping your grill summer ready, etc.
  • The top 5 things you should be doing around your home to prepare for Winter and oy keep your investment pristine.

Learn more about Fanuka at his website

That’s it for this week’s show. Catch up with us next week, and thanks for listening!

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