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Focus on Child Safety During National Poison Prevention Week

By on March 21, 2021

Prepare. Prevent. Protect. Those three words are the slogan for National Poison Prevention Week, March 21-27, 2021. The same three words can be associated with safely storing and using fuels around the home.

Preparing for Safety

Because fuels like gasoline and kerosene are flammable and toxic, experts at Scepter remind people that they should think in advance before filling up equipment needed for spring clean-up chores. Preventative steps, such as storing fuels in containers with child safety locks, can help avoid a disaster.

“Parents should help protect their children by always thinking about ‘safety first’ when it comes to dealing with gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuels,” says Daniel Marshall with Scepter, manufacturers of Scepter SmartControl fuel containers. “One of the worst scenarios imaginable would be for a child to mistakenly digest fuels left in unsealed or poorly-sealed containers.

“Whenever a parent is working with fuel-filled equipment, like blowers, chainsaws or mowers, the fuel container should always have a child-proof safety lock.”

Preventing an Accident

Fuel is a poison that should be kept securely away from children. More than a decade ago the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission mandated specially-designed safety operating systems be added to fuel containers to add a layer of child safety regarding fuel containers. Additional rulings and standard updates have taken place since that time, all with the goal of keeping children safe from fuel.

 At Scepter, Marshall relates that all SmartControl fuel containers are made with childproof spouts.

“SmartControl containers are a step above other containers in the marketplace,” says Marshall. “The fold-flat child lock provides a design that makes it easy to fill a piece of equipment with a simple squeeze. However, it’s almost impossible for young children to mistakenly get gas out of the container.”

The spout on the SmartControl fuel containers has a squeeze controlled flow rate, making it easy to fill everything from lawnmowers to ATVs to grass trimmers without spilling a drop. That safety feature eliminates the chance of poisonous fuel accumulating on a garage floor, driveway or lawn.

 With a single motion, the user simply presses the lever up to unlock the child safety feature with the palm of the hand, and then squeezes the large button. This first squeeze is done when upright to vent the container. Then, place the nozzle over the tank and squeeze again to pour just the right amount of fuel.

Protecting Children

“Children need to be protected from poisons,” says Marshall. “Our SmartControl containers have been designed for ease of use by adults, but to be non-usable by young children.

“When a child is unable to open a SmartControl container, the positive results are significant. They are truly protected from possible spills or even ingestion of the poisonous contents.”

 Available in one-, two- and five-gallon gas, kerosene and diesel sizes, the durable SmartControl containers can be filled and safely stored when not in use.

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