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Garage Doors Play Key Role in Curb Appeal on Homes

By on August 19, 2021

National Curb Appeal Month in August is the perfect time to discover the strong value of replacing an older, worn out garage door. A new garage door can substantially increase the curb appeal of a home, while also being a solid investment.

According to the 2021 Cost Versus Value Study, coordinated by Remodeling magazine, a garage door replacement project is the #1 project with the highest recoup value for homeowners across the country. 

“This study reports that when homeowners replace an older garage door they can recoup an average of 93.8 percent of their expenditure,” says Jeffrey Nofziger, president of Haas Door. “These numbers confirm that adding a new garage door to an existing home is a smart decision. Investing in a new garage door has impressive payback, brings added value to a home and enhances a home’s curb appeal.”

Curb Appeal Improvements

One of the key ways a new garage door boosts a home’s value is by strengthening its curb appeal. Since the garage door is oftentimes located on the front of the house exterior, it’s a major element of the home’s overall style. Because of that “prime location,” adding a new garage door can upgrade the entire look of the home exterior. If yours is busted, you can hire a local garage door company that can help you with a garage door repair and also leave you with new garage door openers.

“There are so many different design elements for garage doors in today’s marketplace,” says Nofziger. “There are many styles and stamped design options to choose from. Windows with a variety of colors, along with privacy and impact glasses, are very popular and complement the overall design of the home.”

Insights from Building Industry Pros

Year-after-year Haas garage doors prove a solid investment for both new construction and remodeling projects. While adding significantly to curb appeal, a well-built garage door can also add insulation value to the home and protection from severe weather. So, if you need garage door repair, you should do it before selling.

“We find that the Haas garage doors follow the architectural style of our homes,” says Jason Norton, vice president of residential construction with Buchanan Construction in Asheville, N.C. “They also have color options that make it easy to have the garage doors included as a vital part of the curb appeal of our homes.

Fragment of a luxury house with a garage door in Vancouver, Canada.

“Our clients love the fact that Haas Door can match the designs they prefer, plus offer additional options. The versatility in selection and styles really brings value to our homes.”

In Columbus, Ohio, builder Rob Capaldo echoes Buchanan’s thoughts. “We pride ourselves on operating as a true custom home builder,” says Capaldo, principal at Capaldo Construction. “We do not build the same floor plan or house design twice. Ever. All our homes are unique in style and design architecturally. We need the garage doors to match and coordinate with each distinctive style we create.

“Fortunately we’ve found that Haas Door is a great partner for our wide range of needs. From classic to contemporary in design, they offer a variety of styles and configurations that complement our home designs. Add to that the superior craftsmanship, and exceptional value of Haas Door and they accomplish everything we look for in our garage doors.”

Haas Door Helps

To see what a new garage door can look like on a home, the free HaasCreate online design tool lets you “try on” a new Haas Door garage door. Simply upload a picture of a home exterior showing the current garage or use images supplied by Haas Door.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, a homeowner or building professional can quickly see different styles, window glass, colors, hardware and trim details of a new garage door on the home.

“Using HaasCreate is the easiest way to visualize how a new garage door will improve the overall curb appeal of a home,” says Nofziger. “We also like to remind homeowners not to try and replace a garage door by themselves. This is definitely a job for a professional installer. They’ll handle all the details.”

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