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8 Winners Named in 2021 Scepter® SmartControl™ Awards Program

By on August 18, 2021


Scepter® Doubles Number of Prizes

A man diffusing an irate customer at a gas station. A woman calmly caring for an injured friend until medical assistance arrived. A combat medic assisting a fallen soldier. Ordinary people … using smart control in extraordinary ways. These are the winners of the 2021 Scepter® SmartControl Awards program.

“The entries in this contest were so compelling that we doubled the number of winners and prizes,” says Daniel Marshall, vice president of marketing for Scepter, manufacturers of Scepter® SmartControl fuel containers. “People submitted such personal, emotional entries that we simply had to recognize more of them with our inaugural awards program.”

Exhibiting Smart Control

Launched to salute people who have exhibited smart control in unique situations, the 2021 Scepter SmartControl Awards program was held in partnership with On the House with the Carey Brothers. The nationwide home improvement radio show held the contest encouraging people to share their stories of when they have gone “above and beyond” by exercising control during a challenging personal event.

Hundreds of people across the United States entered the awards contest, which was held during July of 2021 in conjunction with National Fuel Safety Month. Each of the eight winners will receive a $250 cash prize, plus a 5-gallon Scepter SmartControl rear-handle gas container.

The Winning Entries — In Their Own Words

Rob Schorzman – Colorado Springs, Colorado

“While standing in a long line at local gas station, a man walked in and immediately became upset over the size of the line, throwing out nasty comments. After a couple of minutes of everyone being uncomfortable, I told him to take my place in line as I wasn’t in a hurry, said ‘God bless you’ and have a great day.  He immediately relaxed and did take my spot in line. After that everyone else offered me their spot … which I refused.”

Jessica Coker – Conroe, Texas

“I took our Girl Scout troop to a nature event. While following the event leader unto a pier, one of the boards broke and one of the girls fell through.  Being the only first aider on site, I was able to keep everyone calm while helping the girl and caring for her wounds until the ranger arrived.”

Maria Geoffrion – Mentor, Ohio

“Divorce is a horrible time in many people’s lives, but most of all in a child’s life. I maintain smart control by not letting my emotions get control over me and looking at things logically with my ex-husband with regards to our children. Everything I do is for the kids. They didn’t ask for a divorce but they’re affected by it, so I’m there every step of the day making things work for them.”

Andrew Honecker – Ocala, Florida

“As an 11-year Combat Medic serving in the Florida National Guard, smart control has become ingrained in my character. When a soldier goes down the way a severely dehydrated one did under my watch panic is quick to settle in. With a quick breath of air to regain my composure I was in action the second I saw this soldier crash down, acting swiftly to diagnose and counter the condition. With calm hands I began starting IV’s and taking vitals until the next level of medical care arrived on scene to transport my soldier.”

Kim Harrison – Rock Hill, South Carolina

“A time where I exhibited smart control was when I was at work, and dealing with an irate customer. The customer was mad at how a situation was handled by the previous employee, so I was on the brunt end of it. I had to diffuse the situation, take a deep breath, and handle with care. I know the customer’s anger wasn’t directed at me, but I still made sure that customer service was at the most utmost. They problem resolved at best it could, and the customer thanked me for taking the time to assist them.”

Kathleen Keleher – Pompano Beach, Florida

“During COVID my company did not immediately employ controls or set guidelines.  I set up my own protocol that would allow clients to be serviced while maintaining safety for all.  I set a strict schedule. No overlapping appointments.  I gave clients a hard road map of what was expected from both sides. Thankfully we have come through this with clients feeling well serviced and I have emerged healthy and happy too.”

Jessie Payne – Danube, Minnesota

“A friend got a serious injury on her hand during an event that had lots of people at it, including kids (she split her finger open and knuckle bone was lost). I quickly and calmly told her to look away, bandaged her appropriately and put her in the car. I kept her talking as she went into shock, alerted the staff of how bad her wound was and told the nurses to not let her see the wound until after it was treated and repaired.”

Jennifer Phillips – Angola, Indiana

“I have used smart control to ease the tensions and fear of the clients coming into the food pantry.  I let them know I am truly listening and let them vent when needed. I never make them feel like they are worth less than anyone else in this world, and I try to help them find that secure feeling that can be lost when one is put into a position of needing help.  Sometimes people can come in with the idea causing trouble and using smart control to defuse the situation and to calm them is a huge help to not only to that person, but for everyone else around that would be affected by a loss of control in the situation.”

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