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A Hot Solution for Instant Hot Drinks

By on February 15, 2014

Let’s face it — when you’re wet and cold or feeling kind of sick or very tired, nothing beats a steaming-hot cup of whatever. But who wants to wait for water to boil to brew their favorite pick-me-up?

A watched pot never boils, but an instant hot-water dispenser installed in your kitchen sink provides boiling-hot water at the touch of a finger. And adding one is a lot easier than you think. Some sinks have a hole for the instant hot-water faucet, but, if not, you easily can drill one.

Mount a hot-water tank in the cabinet under the sink and connect it to the cold-water supply line. Then install the hot-water faucet on the sink top, and plug it into a standard 110-volt outlet. And while you rustle up your favorite instant hot-drink mix, your new hot-water dispenser will be brewing up an endless supply of steaming-hot water for fast pick-me-ups whenever you want — with no wait. Besides saving time, it saves water and energy costs.

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