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Bathroom Towel Warmers

By on July 25, 2014
Yellow Towel on Rack

Hate getting up in a chilly house in the morning? Do you crank up your thermostat first thing? In Europe, many homeowners use a simple device to solve this problem, and they add a bit of luxury in the process.

These Monogrammed Bath Towels and bath mats are luxurious additions to your next candlelit bubble bath. These high quality make excellent housewarming gifts, anniversary gifts, or for any occasion to celebrate the home.

It’s a towel warmer for the bathroom. You’d be surprised how nice a warm towel feels after a shower on a chilly morning. It warms you and eliminates the need to turn up the heat too much, too quickly. Towel heaters like those found in Europe have electric heating elements inside metal bars on wall shelves or hanging racks. They use only about 70 watts, and can be programmed to turn on before wake-up time.

They provide a warm towel waiting for you when you step out of the shower. They come in many styles, from simple shelves to racks, wall- and floor-mounted. One of the best models hooks on the hinges behind the bathroom door. It swings out when you’re inside showering and hides behind the door when it’s not in use.

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