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Vinyl Siding Maintenance!?

By on March 25, 2014

You bought vinyl siding because it’s supposed to be maintenance-free. Now you hear that just a little maintenance is required. Vinyl siding is easy and relatively carefree, but there are things to be done.

First, rinse it off with a hose at least once a year. After a few years, some spots might require scrubbing with a household cleaner. Tackle stubborn stains with a mild abrasive cleaner.

Common sense is another form of ongoing care. Whereas vinyl doesn’t dent like aluminum will, a direct hit from a lawn mower, car door, yard tool, snow blower or a bicycle can crack or split vinyl — especially in cold weather. Inspect it often and replace panels if necessary. Leaks conceal moisture, which can lead to mold.

And, finally, in summer, when you barbecue, don’t put your gas grill only a foot from the house, or that strange odor you smell will be your siding as it begins to melt. Maintenance-free? Almost, but not quite.

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