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Use a Rubber Band on the Paint Can for a Better Seal

By on January 2, 2014

How to make paint last longer

What spring housecleaning would be complete without a little paint touchup here and there to hide the numerous scrapes and scratches that degrade one’s walls? There’s only one problem. Thanks to a poorly sealed can the paint that you so painstakingly saved could now be used as a Frisbee. Avoid the Frisbee factor in the future by keeping the can’s lip paint-free.

Stretch a heavy-duty rubber band across the top of the can anchoring it at each protrusion where the handle attaches to the can. Wipe a paint-loaded brush along the rubber band. Excess paint will land in the can rather than in the lip. Your paint will last longer, you’ll lose less to spillage, and you’ll even be able to identify the paint by its label. Use a different rubber band for your next ponytail.

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