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5 Ways to Transform the Furniture You’re About to Throw Out

By on January 17, 2019

Looking to refresh or recharge your furniture and revitalize your living room?

If you’re trying to update the interior decor of your home by getting rid of old furniture, you might want to consider freshening up your furniture rather than simply throwing it away.

It’s easier than you think to revitalize furniture and have it looking better than ever. This can not only save you money but also keep your bulky furniture pieces out of landfills.

*This post was originally published February 26, 2017 but has been updated as of January 17, 2019.

Refurbish furniture to improve the look of your home’s interior with these 5 good ideas!

sofa and coffee table

Give it a good cleaning

Nothing is as revitalizing and refreshing as a thorough cleaning! It can go a long way in revitalizing it and making it appropriate for your newly designed interior. Try some of these easy fixes:

  • Couch cleaning should involve a thorough vacuuming and ideally a shampooing.
  • For wooden tables and chairs, you can use wood polish to enhance furniture appearance.
  • Changing pillows and cushions can complete the job if you find that more is needed to truly transform and upgrade your furniture pieces.

Have it refinished

For furniture that is made mostly of wood, refinishing is a good option to improve appearances.

You can revitalize wood furniture that is looking dull and stained by refinishing them or try cabinet refacing for fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms. These projects are really not that complicated and you may be able to handle them yourself.

The only thing you have to do is apply another layer of finish or, in some cases, scrape off the old finish before applying a new finish.

Have it reupholstered

Furniture that has cushions built into it can be upholstered to remove aged fabric portions and completely change the furniture’s appearance.

You might want to leave this task to the professionals because furniture upholstery is admittedly more complicated than refinishing wooden furniture. But with the right fabric and professional, reupholstering furniture is still less expensive than buying completely new furniture pieces.

When you reupholster, you have the chance to completely change the color scheme, pattern, texture, and overall appearance of your furniture. Reupholstering is a good idea if your old furniture doesn’t match that new paint you just selected or that new painting you just bought from World Market. #worldmarketfinds, amirite?

Recycle parts

You may be able to pick apart some parts of old furniture that you love and get rid of worn out parts.

For example, you may be able to keep cushions, mattresses, shelving, and other portions of old furniture and use it elsewhere in your home or on other furniture pieces.

Have space behind your couch and an old outdoor table? Put that sucker behind your couch, place a lamp and tons of plants on top. No one will see the dirty, old table, and now you have light and greenery to brighten your room!

If you are experienced with carpentry, you can pick apart old furniture and reuse components that aren’t yet worn out.


Painting or repainting furniture works wonders when it comes to making furniture pieces look new again. Over time, wooden furniture inevitably will suffer from wear and tear, but a coat of paint will leave with a furniture piece that looks new and fresh.

Painting is an easy project that you can inexpensively handle yourself. You can paint not only wooden tables, chairs, and shelves, but also bed forms, cabinets, and more.

Revitalize to Reduce Waste!

Don’t make the mistakes of throwing away good furniture that still has a lot of life in it.

Remember that furniture is expensive and sometimes costs money to dispose of because it is so bulky and heavy. If you get rid of your furniture, you have to not only pay for new furniture but also pay for delivery costs.

Put some thought into transforming your old furniture to save money and make your redecorating efforts more convenient!


Furniture is expensive! Before you decide your old pieces don’t work for your space anymore try revitalizing your furniture with these 5 tips.

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Refinished
  • Reupholstered
  • Recycle Old Parts
  • Paint


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