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Refrigerator Coil Cleaning

By on January 3, 2014

Over time, refrigerator coils get dirty and block airflow

At the 20th Annual Icebox Days festivities in International Falls, Minn, thousands come to compete in winter games such as bowling with frozen turkeys. Up there in that cold climate over four days, they get easily chilled. But at your house the refrigerator might be working a little too hard to cool things down and keep your turkey frozen. When refrigerators work hard, energy bills climb.

The answer is to give them a breather – literally. Refrigerators have coils that cool circulating refrigerants when air passes over their surface. But over time they get dirty and block airflow, causing the compressor motor to run longer to cool things down, and causing your electric bill to soar. Instead, remove the bottom grille in front, and vacuum the coils with a crevice tool. To reach way in back, tape a cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels onto the end. Do it every month and watch energy bills come down.

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