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Installing A Pedestal Lavatory

By on August 7, 2016

If you want your bathroom to look, feel and be more spacious then you may want to consider a pedestal lavatory. A pedestal lav is relatively inexpensive (compared to a vanity cabinet and countertop) and pretty easy to install as well. That’s the good side. The down side is that you may end up losing precious storage space by nixing your vanity cabinet. If storage isn’t a serious problem, then why not go for it. Oh, if you have a wall hung sink you will find a pedestal lav to be far more attractive.

Pedestal lavs can be very simple and small – fitting tightly into a teeny corner configuration. Or, you can find one that has a sink section that looks like a wide body jet. Whether you want sweeping and curved, square and simple or tiny and compact there is a pedestal sink to fit your bill. And although there are several sizes and styles to choose from, they all have a couple of things in common:

  • The sink is connected to the wall with bolts, screws or lags.
  • The pedestal is connected to the floor with bolts, screw or lags.
  • And they usually come in two pieces for easy installation. The sink and the pedestal are actually separate from each other. This helps to make installation much easier.

The ticket to an easy installation is making sure that the area surrounding the pedestal is properly prepared. For this you will have to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Most important is to install a solid wood block in the wall between the studs and immediately behind the wallboard. A 2×10 or a 2×12 will work just great. Depending on the stud layout your bathroom – and the size of the sink – 2 blocks may have to be installed into the wall. Naturally, this will have to be followed by a sheetrock patch. The water lines normally don’t have to be moved, but if the plumber didn’t do a good job originally there’s no time like the present to make good on his goof. Remember, when you have a pedestal lavatory all the plumbing can be seen. It may also require a drain cleaning every now and then to avoid blockages.

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