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Show Notes: Growing Trees and Budgets

By on April 28, 2018

Show Notes from the On The House with The Carey Brothers and Cameron recorded April 28th, 2018.

Find out more about transforming your walls, Arbor Day and growing trees, how to budget for home maintenance, common plumbing mistakes, and more from the radio show right here!

Did you miss the live episode? Don’t worry, you can still check it out here!


If you’d like a soap dispenser at your kitchen sink but have no hole in your countertop, here’s something we found to solve your problem!

Air Gap/Soap Lotion Combination, Polished Chrome $36.99

Soap and Lotion Dispenser, Polished Chrome

Take the space of the air gap and make it functional – add a soap dispenser. This air gap dispenser, turns wasted space into something usable. Reservoir holds three ounces of soap and the plastic unit does not discolor or change soaps or lotions. This patented offering is new way to utilize the space above a dishwasher air gap.


Manufactured/Designed By: Westbrass

Sold By: Houzz

Size/Weight: W 4″ / D 2″ / H 10″ / 2.5 oz.

Color: Polished Chrome

Materials: Plastic


No Assembly Required

Category: Soap & Lotion Dispensers

Style/Collection: Contemporary




Transforming Walls Into Smart Surfaces

Conductive Paint Transforms Walls Into Sensors, Interactive Surfaces

Walls are what they are — big, dull dividers. With a few applications of conductive paint and

smart walls

some electronics, however, walls can become smart infrastructure that can sense human touch, detect gestures and detect when appliances are used.

By monitoring activity in the room, this system could adjust light levels when a TV is turned on or alert a user in another location when a laundry machine or electric kettle turns off.


Check out more here!



carey bros pros

As the population in the U.S. gets older, one valuable trend we see in new homes, as well as in remodeling, is the concept of  . . . “Aging in Place.” One of the products that has come from this trend is the “walk-in tub.”

On the latest edition of our CareyBrosPros podcast, we talk with Michael Light – National Installation Manager for American Standard.

We asked Michael about a common concern people have about using a walk-in tub … and that’s how long it can take for the water to drain.

Hear more about the installation and use of walk-in tubs by checking out our latest podcast here.  Find it online at:!



5 Easy Steps to Plant a Tree

arbor dayArbor Day is a holiday that is typically celebrated on the last Friday of April. On this day, people are encouraged to get outside, learn about nature, and plant a tree! Although Arbor Day began over 140 years ago in the United States, the technique that was used to plant a tree in 1872 is still used in 2018.


Learn the steps here!


How Much Should You Budget for Home Maintenance?

How much money should you budget for home maintenance and repairs? It’s impossible to predict exactly what your home will need, but average homeowner costs can be helpful and often fairly accurate. Using average costs, there are a couple of rules of thumb that can help guide this calculation. And you can adjust your initial results based on factors like the age and general condition of your home.

Find out some rules here!


Your Dream Bathroom

Sponsored By American Standard Walk-In Bathing

Julie’s dark bathroom makes it difficult to see. Thankfully, we got Jeff of Kichler Lighting to help James, Morris, and Cameron shed some light on what to know before you shop for new lighting and how you can improve your current bath lighting.

For more information about this and all previous episodes, check out the Your Dream Bathroom site!


Are You Making Major Plumbing Mistakes?

10 things your plumber wishes you wouldn’t doplumbing

Your toilet’s clogged again, and this time it’s all your fault. (Who knew flushable kitty litter wasn’t flushable?) To help you avoid any future clogs, floods or breakdowns, we asked plumbers across the country to share their customers’ biggest mistakes — and how they can be avoided.


Read on here.



The Termites Are Coming



Make sure your home is inspected for termites once a year.
Fix any leaking plumbing

Use stone around your house instead of mulch or wood chips

Be sure that the condensation due to air conditioning units is flowing well away from the foundation of the structure.

Be sure water from gutters is flowing well away from the foundation of the house and do the same for garden hoses.

Never store firewood up against the foundation of the structure.



U.S. Housing Markets With the Biggest—and Smallest—Down Payments

Some of the numbers here are crazy! Check out the article from here.

That’s it for this weeks show. Catch up with us next week and thanks for listening!

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