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Painter’s Tape Tips for Pro-Like Paint Projects

By on June 13, 2020

FrogTape Finished Diamond Pattern Project

Painter’s tape is a simple tool, but don’t let its simplicity fool you. The paint masters at FrogTape can demonstrate how to transform any room in your home with strategic planning, quality paint, FrogTape, and a little elbow grease. 

1. Clean the surface: Before beginning, make sure to clean and ensure your surface is dust-free and dry.

2. Choose the right tape: FrogTape Multi-Surface is designed to use on walls, wood trim, glass and metal, whereas Delicate Surface is a low-adhesion tape that’s perfect for use on freshly painted surfaces, wallpaper or faux finishes.

3. Apply the tape: Apply painter’s tape to areas you don’t want painted, like baseboards, trim, windows or portions of the wall where you may be creating a geometric pattern.

Pro tip: Instead of trying to do it in one long section, apply it in shorter sections, keeping the roll flat against the wall, to avoid stretching the tape.

4. Seal the edges: Once applied, eliminate gaps by running a firm plastic tool, like a putty knife or plastic card, over the edge of the tape.

5. Paint: Paint away! It’s best to slowly paint a few feet at a time, then move on to the next few feet and repeat, overlapping the previous section to ensure blending.

FrogTape Diamond Wall- Mid-project

Pro tip: If you have leftover paint, use the FrogTape Touch Up Cup, an innovative paint storage solution that makes touch up projects easy. Pour leftover paint into the 12 oz. cup, then twist the lid to lock it in place. The air-tight closure keeps paint fresh up to 10 years!

6. Remove the tape: Pull the tape off while the paint is still wet at a slow, 45-degree angle. Don’t forget to control the end of the removed tape so it doesn’t drag along the freshly painted surface.

Finally, sit back and enjoy your freshly updated space! 

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