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Kelly-Moore’s paint colors offer timeless class and durability

By on October 20, 2017

Kelly-Moore Paint

As a top-notch renovation of a turn of the 20th century Craftsman style bungalow soon comes to fruition, the color of its exterior and interior offers the exquisite, perfectly matched finishing touch.

“The homeowners selected a soft and very peaceful color palette for the interior,” says Morris Carey of the Carey Bros. Remodeling team. “We’re using the very best product that Kelly-Moore makes. It’s anything you want a paint to do.”

Just the names of the selections chosen from Kelly-Moore Paint Company’s more than 1,700 color menu sound inviting: Swiss Coffee inside and out; Fitzgerald Smoke for the home’s exterior; the interior use of the mushroom-hued Feather Stone; Summer Sandcastle for the sandy-toned trim; and the eye-catching, deeply-saturated Queen of Hearts “tomatoey” red for the front door.

“It’ll be dynamite because these are all classic colors,” says “the neighborhood paint store’s” vice president of marketing, Daniel Claybaugh. He describes Swiss Coffee as being the company’s most popular shade of white. “It’s a chameleon color,” says Claybaugh. “It can go with anything in your house.

“We can make any color in the rainbow using a process that includes the initial computer-generated selection of the color to the final step. The on-site color tinting specialists at our 110 stores in Northern California have “very sensitive eyes” and can easily work to provide the colors people desire for the interiors and exteriors of their homes.

Claybaugh notes how Kelly-Moore is committed to creating colors “with the market in mind,” citing the authentic “Historic Lifestyles of the West”palette of 106 shades that are consistent with those used during the 19th to the early to mid-20th century in the West.

The historic home at 604 Second Street in Brentwood, Calif. was reportedly among the roughly 600 bungalows that heralded from the nearby coal and copper mining communities in the early 1900s.

“The quality, washability, and sheens that are available from Kelly Moore made it easy for the homeowners to make their selection,” adds designer Carol Carey, noting that the palette used for the interior and exterior of the home is “restful and reminiscent of the colors of the early 1900s.”

And, it turns out, watching paint dry can be captivating with Kelly Moore’s trademarked online myCOLORVISUALIZER, which invites the user, be it homeowner or professional, to upload a photo and paint it from a wide spectrum, with the option to then share it on social media to solicit feedback.

Started in San Carlos, Calif. in 1946, and now with two, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, including one outside of Dallas, the employee-owned company has also proven to be the “painter’s paint store.”

Kelly-Moore adheres to the most stringent environmental laws, receiving several green awards, with paints that are mixed to meld well with certain microclimates, resistant to moisture and heat.

For this project, Kelly-Moore has provided its new Envy exterior paint, still in its prototype testing phase.

“We’re testing the water repellency of this resistant paint,” says Claybaugh. “We’re utilizing new technology including a new resin package that affords improved working properties. It’s a very solid finish that will last for a longtime.”

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