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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

By on March 25, 2014

Since ancient times, the mystique of mirrors has inspired superstition. The Chinese hung them on front doors to scare away evil spirits. Greek mathematician Archimedes used huge ones to save the city of Syracuse by reflecting the sun onto attacking Roman ships; the ships, it is told, caught fire from the intense heat. Wealthy Venetians in 16th-century Italy started a popular superstition, telling servants a broken mirror would bring seven years bad luck. Their power always made the threat come true.

Why do we love mirrors? Silver is unique. It reflects 95 percent of all light that falls on it, and its neutral color accurately reflects skin tones and color hues. The result? It’s one of the best ways ever to create illusion, mystery and mystique — to make a small room larger, and to make two where there’s one. Mirrors, they double our pleasure, double our fun.

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