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Left-hand Refrigerator? (All-righty Then)

By on January 3, 2014

If your refrigerator door opens to the wrong side – fear not

The 23rd icebox days, four unofficial days of wacky winter games in frigid International Falls, Minnesota. You’ll find such looney sports as frozen turkey bowling, mutt dog races and a winter beach party. If icebox days are a little wacky at your place, too, because your refrigerator door opens to the wrong side — fear not.

Got a lefty you want to change? All-righty then. Look on top for plastic plugs or caps. If you’ve got them, remove them to expose holes for the door hinges and handle from the other side. With a helper, unfasten the hinges and handle, and move them to the side you want. Adjust the door for the proper fit, tighten fasteners and put caps back in the holes left by the relocated hinges and handle. Then, open your once left-handed refrigerator door, pull out a cold one and celebrate!


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