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Kitchens Of The (Near) Future

By on January 3, 2014

Wondering what’s new? What’s coming (and what’s already here?)

Are you wondering what kitchens will be like in the future? How cooking will change and what will stay in place? For kitchens of the near future it’s all about computers, convenience and control. They start with flip-down LCD screens, mounted right under kitchen cabinets, with touch screens that control everything, and move into total home entertainment (TVs, radios, VCRs, DVDs and CD players). They provide full Internet access, even showing you who is at your front door.

Beyond this, appliances are getting smarter, too — with microwave ovens that feature a bar-code reader (about the size of a ball-point pen) that you just swipe over a package of food (it sets the proper cooking time and temperature). Same goes for the new bread-makers. No more complex instructions — bar-code readers again. All appliances are fully remote-controlled and remote-programmable, as well.

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