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  • January
    Show Notes: January Adjustments

    Show Notes for On The House with the Carey Brothers aired on January 5, 2019 January is here and in this new year, we want your goals and your resolutions to be easy adjustments that give you...

    • Posted January 7, 2019
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  • Stainless Steel Appliances
    Hot New Appliances

    Among the many benefits of being home improvement journalists in print, radio and television is the opportunity to attend the major building industry trade shows that feature the latest and greatest in building and remodeling products and...

    • Posted July 29, 2015
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  • Smart Glass: A Smart Choice

    Looking for the ultimate in natural daylight control? Do you think the ultimate is automatic window shade controls? There’s something new that’s growing fast. It’s slick and simple and called “smart glass”. Smart glass window panes that go from clear to black...

    • Posted April 19, 2014
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  • Mega-Grill: Replacer of Outdated Grills

    Planning a big cookout for the fourth? Or are you cooking in because your guest list is large and your barbecue grill is small? Cooking a large meal indoors in summer produces as much heat as running the furnace...

    • Posted March 25, 2014
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  • Water
    Water, Water (Not) Everywhere

    New water sensor technology that prevents having underwater property! Pipes and hoses have a way of springing leaks when you’re away from home. Today you’ll learn how new sensor technology prevents your having underwater property. In the...

    • Posted January 3, 2014
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  • Kitchens Of The (Near) Future

    Wondering what’s new? What’s coming (and what’s already here?) Are you wondering what kitchens will be like in the future? How cooking will change and what will stay in place? For kitchens of the near future it’s...

    • Posted January 3, 2014
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