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Ideas for Garage Conversions: Tips to Make the Most out of Your Space

By on March 23, 2017

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Do you need more space but don’t want the cost of adding on to your home? Look no further than the garage space you already have. With a little effort and a lot of creativity, you can turn that cold, hard garage into an oasis that will be the envy of your family and friends.

The average cost to renovate a garage is around $10,728, while the average cost to build an addition is $40,825. With the money saved, you can focus more on the decorating side of the conversion, or you can invest that money into improvements for other areas of your home. If you hired an Amish Pole Barn Construction contractor to build a detached garage, you may use this building for several purposes other than housing your vehicles.

There are as many different types of garage conversions as there are types of garages. Here are some ideas for garage conversions for different purposes:

  1. Extra Bedroom

If you have a growing family, an attached garage can be converted into extra bedroom space or a larger garage can be turned into a master bedroom. Because you’ll want the bedroom to feel as though it’s a natural extension of the rest of your home, ensure the area can be heated and cooled. Add extra insulation to keep that heat and cold in.

Build up the floor so it’s at the same level as the rest of your home. No one wants to step down into their bedroom. Add the flooring of choice, but look for something that might cushion the concrete beneath. Fortunately, you likely already have enough outlets and electricity in place for the average bedroom. Most of the changes here are cosmetic.

  1. Art Studio

A small detached garage is the perfect size for an art studio or creative space, but it often lacks the windows and natural light an art studio needs. One way to convert a garage into an art studio is to add as much natural light as possible.

Start by installing a glass garage door, a full-length glass entry door and windows, if possible. If adding windows is too costly or difficult, for example, if you have to cut into brick to install windows, then you could add skylights for additional light.

A concrete slab floor is the perfect flooring for your studio, but you can make it less harsh with epoxy floor installation. Your floor will need a day or two to dry. Work with a garage door company to have the doors installed and a general contractor for any windows or skylights.

  1. Home Office

If you run a business from home or you telecommute, a separate place to work can keep you focused on the task at hand and allow you to bring clients into a professional space. However, you don’t want the office to look like you converted your garage, so you’ll need some heavy-duty tools to complete this task.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the tools you need, you can rent what you need in most cases. For example, you can rent an air compressor to power pneumatic tools. Some of the tasks you’ll need to complete that can be sped up with the aid of pneumatic tools include installing French doors, adding drywall and installing flooring.

  1. Man Cave

There are times when a man just needs his own space to escape to. If the man in your home already claims the garage as his own, why not make that a reality and convert it into the perfect man cave?

Since a man cave can be a bit rugged, and you likely won’t spend a lot of time in it, you can get by with hanging some manly signs, adding a poker table and a bright rug, and making sure you have a way to heat or cool the room when needed. You might also want to add a bar area and mini fridge.

  1. Home Theater

Do you love to gather your family and friends together to watch a few flicks? Turn a garage area into a home theater. First, make sure you have the wiring for surround sound and your electronic equipment. Next, finish off the walls and the floor. Simply painting the concrete and adding a plush rug or two will transform the space.

You’ll also want to install a screen, projector and comfy theater chairs. Finish off the atmosphere with a standing popcorn machine, soda fountain and candy counter.

Converting an existing garage will save you time and money over adding on to your home. The key is to envision how you want the finished room to look and then work toward that goal one step at a time.

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