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Chuck Hanson: RollerRock® King

By on June 10, 2021


Once Chuck Hanson got started, he couldn’t stop. The North Carolina homeowner simply became obsessed with covering his home’s exterior surfaces with RollerRock® from Daich Coatings.

“I started with the garage floor in February of 2021,” says Hanson. “Once I saw the transformation that the RollerRock created, I knew I needed to keep going.”

After successfully coating his garage floor with Cinnamon-colored RollerRock, he next tackled the garage apron, then the pathways around the home. After that he moved on to the pool deck. Next up will be his expansive driveway.

“I’ve purchased lots of products in my lifetime and hardly ever do they live up to the hype,” says Hanson. “RollerRock was a REAL find. It’s an impressive product that offers both a solid surface finish and has truly upgraded the look of my home’s exterior.

“This has been the best and easiest project I’ve ever done. It’s a cinch for anyone. Friends who have seen what I’ve accomplished with RollerRock can’t believe I actually did it!”

Tips from the RollerRock King

While easy to apply, Hanson strongly recommends that the project really starts with the prep work.

“I learned that the success of the finished project is in the prep work invested on the front end,” says Hanson. “I rented a buffer for the garage floor surface. I took my time and followed all the Daich Coatings instructions.”

Hanson especially recommends taping areas off where you do not wish the RollerRock to stick. He also suggests planning the work out and applying the coating and sealer at a time of day when the concrete is not too hot.

“The results have been amazing,” says Hanson. “When my pool guy visited and asked who had done the coating, he was stunned to find out I did it myself. He said he’d seen pool decks that didn’t look half as good as mine that cost a homeowner $5,000 or more. I did it myself for a fraction of that price and have a great sense of satisfaction and pride in my work!”

Realistic Results

RollerRock is a real stone coating that easily rolls over surfaces. Traditionally used on horizontal surfaces (like walkways and driveways), the durable product resists salt, chemical, impact and abrasion, along with hot tire pickup. The real stone coating of RollerRock also resists freeze/thaw conditions, mold, mildew, water and UV rays.

Available in 15 colors, RollerRock is laboratory tested to provide up to double the recommended OSHA slip-resistance rating. Two coats is all it takes to achieve a lasting textured stone floor that delivers added foot traction and safety to walking surfaces.

“The Daich Coatings customer service staff was great about answering all my RollerRock questions,” says Hanson. “Chris helped me every step of the way. He gave me courage to tackle the project and keep going. Now I’m addicted to using their products!”

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