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Glaze ‘N Seal – The Finishing Touch

By on April 1, 2018


The project was to completely update a modest 1,177 sq. ft. 100 plus year-old home, inside and out, in old town Brentwood, California. While renovation work by Carey Bros. Remodeling headed toward completion at a steady pace, a second partner team was also busy putting finishing touches on the exterior landscaping and hardscape.

Originally a catalog design mail-order kit home, the house in progress was among 600 or so small bungalows built in a nearby coal and copper mining community in the early 1900s. It was later moved intact to its current location at the corner of Second and Chestnut Streets.

The firm of DPG Design specializes in landscaping and hardscapes. It is owned and operated by David Paul Garcia – who has over 30-years experience and thousands of installations to his credit – and his wife, Susie, who is the firm’s Director of Business Development and Marketing and serves as the chief coordinator for DPG projects. The award-winning team signed on to totally design and manage the entire exterior renovation in tandem with the building’s construction.

“We created the landscape and hardscape design for the entire project,” states Susie Garcia, “and independently contracted, scheduled and supervised all of the vendor partners for the exterior renovation.”

“From past experience, Belgard Pavers was the logical choice for the 604 Second Street home’s paths, patio and driveway,” states Susie Garcia, “and we used their Mega-Lafitt® Textured Stone pavers with the look and feel of aged, rough-cut flagstone.”

“They offer a rich natural color and aged texture,” adds James Carey, “that gives an ‘Old World’ feel that adheres to both the antiquity and charm of the home.”

He notes that the driveway and turn-around pad alone used nearly 1,000 sq. ft. of the Mega-Lafitt textured stone pavers.

The project’s homeowners, and even passerby’s, watched in amazement as the DPG crew first laid down a perimeter foundation for the drive and walkways and then installed pallet after pallet of stone pavers – artfully shaping and weaving them together at a staggering pace.

The next step was adding the “finishing touch”… with Glaze ‘N Seal Enhanced Paver Sealer… that would protect the rugged textured surface of the pavers from grease, oil, and weathering and bring out the rich deep and brilliant earthen tones.

“The look of the paver walks and driveway… leading up to our home… is truly stunning,” says Homeowner Mike McClellan, “and we love that the beautiful earth tones and surface protection will last for many years to come.”

“Glaze ‘N Seal is an advanced technology that provides strong oil and grease resistance along with a beautiful, long-lasting surface enhancement for the pavers,” states Glaze ‘N Seal Representative, Joanna Varga. “It accents and brings out the paver’s vivid colors while providing a UV stable coating to maintain that rich color.”

“Glaze ‘N Seal also offers strong joint stabilization,” she adds, “with a special ‘Sand Lock’ feature that seals and secures the sand between pavers… again adding to the overall enhanced look and lasting performance.”

Contractor and radio host James Carey notes, “we first recommended Glaze ‘N Seal products to our audience over 30-years ago. They offer time-tested solutions to seal and protect a myriad of surfaces — both indoors and outdoors.”

“For optimum performance, we use Glaze N’ Seal to bring out the best color and texture on all of our paver projects,“ he adds. “It gives walks, driveways and patios terrific protection… from the elements, from automobile grease and oil stains, and from the steady wear-and-tear of entertaining and grilling.”

“Glaze ‘N Seal prides itself on having the best products… with the best long-lasting protection… and we back that up with the best customer service in the industry,” observes Nuno de Simas, Business Development Manager.

“We are truly excited to be included in this unique restoration project,” he concludes. “Our sincere thanks to DPG Design and Carey Bros. Remodeling for their long-standing trust in using Glaze ‘N Seal for their projects.”

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