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DPG Design – When It’s Time to Partner With Pros

By on April 14, 2018

historic renovation

One of the key elements and challenges in authentically renovating and updating a historic 100 plus year-old bungalow was to “complete” the overall picture by selecting just the right mix of landscape and hardscape that would best accent the project and create added visual appeal to the exterior surroundings.

The century-old home updated by Carey Bros. Remodeling is located at 604 Second Street in Brentwood, California. It is a modest catalog design mail-order kit home that was among 600 or so small houses constructed in a nearby mining community in the early 1900s. It was later moved intact to its current location.

While Carey Brothers, James and Morris, focused on planning, designing and actually extensively remodeling the physical structure, they turned to the long-trusted award-winning partnership of Dave and Susie Garcia to totally design and manage the entire exterior renovation in tandem with the building’s construction.

The firm of DPG Design specializes in landscaping and hardscapes. It is owned and operated by David Paul Garcia – who has over 30-years experience and thousands of installations to his credit – and his wife, Susie, who is the firm’s Director of Business Development and Marketing and serves as the chief coordinator for DPG projects.

“We created the landscape and hardscape design for the entire project,” states Susie Garcia, “and came on the 604 Second Street project with the Carey Brothers as the overall landscape coordinator.”

DPG Design independently contracted, scheduled and supervised all of the vendor partners for the exterior renovation. This included various suppliers, such as Belgard Pavers, Glaze N’ Seal protective coatings, European Garden Living fencing, Pompei Nursery trees, plant and shrubs, and logistics by Site One Landscaping. It also included preparing and submitting the plan and requirements for a city permit.

“We are particularly grateful to our crews. They installed everything from the new paver driveway, dormer loft conversion and paver front walkway to all planting, a new lawn and irrigation system, and they did a fantastic job,” said Dave Garcia, “they even put in extra time to help us meet the deadline for the open house.”

“The homeowners, and even passersby, watched in amazement as the DPG crew first laid down a foundation for the driveway and walkway and then installed pallet after pallet of interlocking pavers – artfully shaping and weaving them together at a staggering pace,” notes James Carey.

“The paver walkway and driveway that they created is stunning,” says Homeowner Mike McClellan, “and watching the installation progress was impressive.”

“Everyone was totally amazed, including myself, at how the landscaping matched the architecture of the house,” notes Morris Carey. “Everything… the fencing, the amount of lawn, the particular species of trees and shrubs, the irrigation… everything fit the property perfectly. Not too much… not too little…  it was just right and simply beautiful.”

The homeowners add, “The front walkway provides an inviting and defined entry to our home and the complementing landscape provides great views from the porch and street. We’ve received many great comments from family, neighbors and people just walking down the street on how the front yard completes the picture they see from the sidewalk.”

“They’ve designed and installed a landscape that is not only beautiful,“ beams Mike McClellan, “it’s water efficient as well.”

With a simple nod and a grin, Dave Garcia states, “We were excited to work with the Carey Brothers. They are not only consummate professionals… they’re world famous too! This project was great for us… and we were proud to partner with them.”

Susie Garcia adds, “The 604 Second Street project was really special to us because it gave us a way to give back to the community and to also include our favorite vendors in the project and get them additional exposure in Brentwood.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed the whole process,” she concludes. “DPG Design was delighted to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

For more information, visit www.dpgdesign.com.

Follow the progress of the historic renovation by visiting http://604secondstreet.onthehouse.com.

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