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Give your old fence a fresh facelift

By on August 13, 2016

In this hour, The Carey Brothers discuss how fence repair services can give your old fence a fresh facelift and talk about appliance abusers.

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Give Your Old Fence A Fresh Facelift

Add distinctive character and beauty to your yard

Paint is well known as the interior decorator’s best friend. Outdoors as well, simply apply a coat or two of paint to give your fence a speedy and relatively inexpensive facelift. Just be sure to check manufacturer’s instructions and choose the right paint type for your fencing material.

Foliage can refresh a tired-looking fence or cover up unsightly chain link or cinder block. Plant a fast-growing hedge like dark green, lush Leylandii (which increases in height as much as 3 feet per year!) or a quickly-sprouting vine species like non-invasive types of honeysuckle (MAJOR FRINGE BENEFIT: these dainty flowers produce a sweet smell that will attract hummingbirds to your yard), supported by your fencing.

Flowerpots will complement your fence rather than completely covering it, so hang them on fencing which is in basically good condition but just needs a little “something extra” to doll it up. Fill the pots with bright scarlet or fuchsia geraniums.


Imaginative wall art is super trendy right now … and who says interior walls have to get all the attention? Bling your fence by festooning it with pallet signs, mosaics, wreaths, or pretty repurposed bits and bobs from the thrift shop or garage sale.

Lighting mounted in your fence post caps gives a lovely ambiance to your property by night. It will welcome guest to your front door and impart an extra-special atmosphere to your outdoor entertaining on balmy summer evenings. Choose LED or solar-powered lights.

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Are You An Appliance Abuser?

Change your bad habit, it may save you money

Don’t slam doors

Slamming washer or dryer doors can break switches, which are expensive to replace.

You can rationalize all you want about why you drop or slam the lid or door to your washer or dryer (your hands are full, you’re in a hurry, etc.), but your appliances don’t care. So forget the excuse and know this: If you continually drop or slam the lid to your washer or dryer (top or front load), you’re going to break the lid/ door switch. That’ll cost you about $175. That’s right—you can avoid this repair by lowering the lid and gently closing the door.

Avoid sticky gaskets

Keep fridge gaskets clean to prevent tearing and to assure a tight door seal.

If you keep your refrigerator door gaskets clean, they’ll seal properly and last the life of the fridge. But if you let sticky foods like syrup and jam build up on the door gasket, they’ll glue the gasket to the frame. Pulling harder on a stuck door eventually tears the gasket, and that’ll cost you about $150 (up to $300 on some brands). Plus, if the door doesn’t seal properly, the fridge has to run longer, and that’ll boost your electric bill. Clean the door gasket with warm water and a sponge. Don’t use detergents; they can damage the gasket.  Source The Family Handyman

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