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Extended Warranties

By on January 3, 2014

Longer repair coverage for appliances and electronics -? a good idea? Perhaps not!

It was Saturday and I was working the homeowner detail with my partner Frank. I’m Joe Friday; consumer cop, and we’re on our way to Azusa on a 10-40 — warranty questions. Not a pretty picture. “Open up! Consumer police. Hear you were bamboozled into buying an ‘extended warranty’ for a major appliance like a new refrigerator or stove and you were sold an extra service plan? You know it comes with a one-year warranty?” That’s when most problems will surface. Beyond that it might be years before it acts up. But most likely it won’t break down during that extra two years of extended service you paid for.

Think about it. Even if it does break down, the repair may cost less than what they charged for coverage you may or may not need. Problems usually crop up near the end of an appliance’s life span — not in the second or third year. Those are the facts.

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