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Edges of the Basement Get Wet When it Rains

By on March 26, 2014
downspouts can cause basement leaks


The edges of the basement in my new home get wet whenever it rains. There’s been no mold so far, but is there anything I could do above ground to prevent this dampness?



The ground level area at the perimeter of the house must be kept dry. This may be a problem with your gutters and downspouts. If you don’t have them installed on your house, you need to get them put in. If you do have gutters, make sure they’re properly cleaned. Clean them manually at least annually using a trowel or shovel to clean out the junk, and flush the gutters. Make sure any downspouts are clean and that they don’t discharge at the perimeter of the home. They should be carrying any water at least twenty feet away from the home.

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