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Phyn Plus Protects Homes, Conserves Water and Saves Money

By on January 26, 2018


Phyn, a joint venture between industry giants Belkin International and Uponor, a leading supplier of plumbing for residential and commercial spaces worldwide, is bringing home water use into the digital age with the debut of Phyn Plus, smart water assistant + shutoff. Phyn Plus is a smart water monitoring system that protects families and their homes from leak damage with unmatched accuracy and reliability.

In the U.S., more than a trillion gallons of clean water get wasted through leaks every single year.* Homeowners are often alerted to leaks and water damage days or weeks after it has started, which is too late and can be both costly and traumatic. From the moment it is installed, Phyn Plus monitors and measures tiny fluctuations in water pressure to detect and alert homeowners the moment a leak is identified, mitigate costly damage through automatic shut off, and diagnose potential problems in plumbing systems before they become an issue.

“Water is our most precious natural resource and an essential part of our daily lives. However, it is often underappreciated and the plumbing system that conveys it, overlooked. We have invested over a decade of R&D, sensing and deciphering water’s digital fingerprint and mapping the complexities of water systems,” said Ryan Kim, CEO of Phyn. “Backing from global leaders Belkin and Uponor has enabled us to bring the most accurate leak detection solution to market while also allowing us to quickly scale and introduce new features that add value and enhance the consumer experience.”

Built on a Robust Technology

Phyn’s water sensing technology was initially conceived at the University of Washington and acquired by Belkin almost a decade ago. Since then, countless hours and millions of dollars have gone into the development, testing, and refinement of the Phyn Plus solution. The technology has been refined in the lab and perfected in hundreds of homes.  Leveraging the best of Belkin’s Wemo and Linksys platforms, Phyn combines advanced machine learning with the latest pressure sensor technology to provide a simple, safe and most reliable leak detection solution.

Upon installation, Phyn learns about the homeowner’s personal water system and continues to get smarter over time. When Phyn notices a change in normal water usage, the mobile app will alert homeowners in real time and in the event of a major leak, like a pipe burst, turn off water automatically with its built-in shut-off valve.

“We have been following Phyn’s development from its early stages and featured it in several demonstration homes,” added Jacob Atalla, vice president of sustainability at KB Home. “We’re glad that Phyn, in collaboration with our longtime plumbing partner Uponor, is now reaching the wider market. We are enthusiastic about the launch of Phyn Plus and its potential to integrate smart plumbing into our evolving concept of a smart home.”


This product will be available through local plumbers and services.

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