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Easy Energy Savers

By on July 28, 2014
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The halfway point of winter can be the coldest day ever (81 below zero) back in 1947. Today you’ll learn it’s also a good day to start saving energy with four easy projects that really pay off!

First, install a programmable thermostat (average cost $50.) It installs in just one hour and it saves up to $50 every winter thereafter. Next, switch to compact fluorescent bulbs (average cost $5.) Replace your four most used incandescent bulbs and save about $25 annually.

Also try installing low-flow shower heads for only about $20 apiece. Each one saves $40 a year if you have a gas water heater and $80 if you have an electric. Finally, caulk and weatherstrip your windows and doors for only about $10 in material. You can comfortably shave up to $50 off your annual heating bill. Let’s see…spend under $200 and a few hours to save more than that every year? Why not?

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