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Why World Water Day Matters

By on March 24, 2018
world water day

In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly designated March 22 as the first World Water Day. Consider the following facts – some wondrous, some disconcerting, all eye-opening.


  • There is about 332,500,000 cubic miles of it on earth – only one-hundredth of one percent of the world’s water is readily available for human use.
  • Ninety-seven percent of the water on Earth is salt water; the water found in the Earth’s lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, swamps, etc. accounts for only 0.3 percent of the world’s fresh water. The rest is trapped in glaciers or is in the ground.
  • In a year, the average American residence uses over 100,000 gallons.
  • Since the average faucet releases 2 gallons of water per minute, you can save up to four gallons of water every morning by turning off the tap while you brush your teeth.
  • A running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water each day.
  • At one drip per second, a faucet can leak 3,000 gallons in a year.
  • A bath uses up to 70 gallons of water; a five-minute shower uses 10 to 25 gallons.
  • On average, an American resident uses about 100 gallons of water per day.
  • On average, a European resident uses about 50 gallons of water per day.
  • On average, a resident of sub-Saharan Africa uses 2 to 5 gallons of water per day.
  • To have a more sustainable water source, you may contact a well drilling company to build a water well in your property.

Consider some of these sobering facts, next time you put off fixing that leaky faucet or want to take a really long, hot shower!

Source: https://www.treehugger.com/clean-water/36-eye-opening-facts-about-water.html

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