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Calorie Charring Chores 

By on June 2, 2018
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June is Men’s Health Month! The goal of Men’s Health Month is to educate the public on preventable, male specific, health problems and the importance of early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. With that in mind, the crew at On The House crafted two spring cleanup workout routines. 


The Indoor Onslaught: 

 First, clear out all the furniture in a room that you choose. Moving your furniture out of the room will give you access to the entire space and burn around 200 calories an hour! 

Then, bust out the duster. Dusting can burn an average of about 166 calories per hour. 

Now that your giant couch is moved away from under your window, give all the glass in the room a quick shine. Cleaning windows is another chore that will burn around 200 calories an hour.  

Finally, since you already have the furniture cleared out, sweep and mop. Sweeping and mopping is a great upper and lower body workout that is said to burn around 240 calories per hour! 


The Outdoor Offensive: 

 Ready to move your workout outdoors? Start by mowing your lawn. If you have a manual or push mower, you can burn about 300 calories an hour! 

Next, get rid of all the weeds! Pulling weeds will burn around 300 calories an hour. 

After that, pick up all your trimmings, leaves, and pulled weeds. This can be another 300 calorie an hour burner.  

Bonus – shoveling can burn around 600 calories per hour! Go out there and plant a couple trees to really turn-up your attack on calories.  




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