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Show Notes: Drip Irrigation to Pools

By on June 2, 2018
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Show Notes from the On The House with The Carey Brothers and Cameron recorded June 2nd, 2018.

We cover water from your drip irrigation to your pool! Do you need to learn more about how to keep your pool or spa child safe or have you ever wondered what Japanese charred wood is? Learn all this and more from the radio show!

Did you miss the live episode? Don’t worry, you can still check it out here!


Shou Sugi Ban – Japanese Charred Wood

The term “Shou-Sugi-Ban” is Japanese and literally translates to “burnt cedar board”. The term is commonly used to describe the centuries old Japanese technique of charring “Sugi” (cedar) planks used for residential siding, fencing, and decking projects.

The practice of charring Sugi commonly referred to in the United States as Japanese Cedar has been commonplace in Japan since at least the 1700s, and likely earlier. Learn more about it’s history and process here.


Your Dream Bathroom

your dream bathroomPresented by American Standard Walk-In Bathing

If you’re looking for a more simplistic bathroom, look no further! The Carey Brothers and Cameron discuss ways to make a powder room look designed but feel clean and simple.

Find out more by listening to the episode at the Your Dream Bath website.


Calorie Charring Chores

June is Men’s Health Month! The goal of Men’s Health Month is to educate the public on preventable, male specific, health problems and the importance of early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. With that in mind, the crew at On The House crafted two spring cleanup workout routines.

Read the workouts here!


Drip Irrigation Buying guide

A drip irrigation system is a great way to conserve water, save money and maintain the plants around your home. This Do-it-Yourself sprinkler system design project can be completed within a weekend.

Buy components from the same manufacturer to ensure compatibility or buy an entire-system kit and work your way up to your own customized system.

To learn more tricks and tips read the full article here.


watering plants14 Top Gardening Checklist Items for June

The June gardening checklist that will help you know the key things to take care of this month including, pests, plantings, pruning, mulching and more. Read the whole article here!


Aluminum Wiring

Dispelling the Myths

We hear regularly that aluminum wiring has been recalled and that it is no longer approved or permitted in homes—neither of these is true. Aluminum wiring is permitted with the appropriate installation methods and materials.

Electrical wiring in homes has traditionally been copper since the introduction of electricity in homes in the late 19th century. Aluminum wiring was introduced to homes in North America in the mid-1960s.

The price of copper was very high, and aluminum was a cost-effective alternative.

Learn more about aluminum wiring and if it’s as good as copper here.

Swimming Pools and Spas: Pool Safety for Children

According to reports by the The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP), an industry trade association, an alarming number of drowning deaths involve young children. Sadly, these deaths don’t occur in a lake, river or ocean. They occur right in the back yard in the family swimming pool.

Learn more about pool safety here!

That’s it for this weeks show. Catch up with us next week, and thanks for listening!

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