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Bathroom Safety Part-2: Avoiding Electrocution

By on March 18, 2014

Bathrooms can be dangerous places, but there are things you can do to make washing and bathing safer. In part II of our series on bathroom safety, we look at adding ground fault circuit interrupter electrical outlets to protect you from severe electric shocks.

Many think circuit breakers and fuses accomplish this, but they are only “over-current” devices that protect wires from overheating and, in turn, protect the home from fire (but not people from electrocution).

Electrocution is a real possibility with common duplex receptacles. To fix this, GFCI outlets monitor current, leaving the hot wire and current returning on the neutral wire. If it detects an imbalance, the device shuts down.

GFCI outlets now are required in baths, kitchens (near plumbing), garages, outdoors and in any damp or wet location. Installing one is easy –there are just three wires to hook up. It’ll protect other receptacles downstream, too. The price won’t shock you either.

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