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  • The Sharpest Knife in the Kitchen

    You might be familiar with the old cliché, “a job worth doing is worth doing well.” In home improvement as is with life in general, having the right tools has a great deal to do with doing...

    • Posted December 12, 2016
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  • Electric Wire Basics

    Workers compensation insurance covers on-the-job injuries. It covers medical expenses, compensation for time lost from work, and even retraining in a new vocation should impairment preclude the injured worker from continuing in the same field. Some trades...

    • Posted August 24, 2015
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  • electrical wires
    How To Solder Wire

    Compared to a hammer or an electric screwdriver, there aren’t many occasions when you will need to use a soldering iron to make a repair. Having said that, we feel there is plenty of justification to include...

    • Posted August 4, 2015
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  • Aluminum Wiring

    Some homes built between 1965 and 1975 were wired with aluminum rather than copper. While there have been some problems associated with aluminum, there’s no need for worry. Problems arise from the connections, and not the wire...

    • Posted July 25, 2014
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  • Bathroom Safety Part-2: Avoiding Electrocution

    Bathrooms can be dangerous places, but there are things you can do to make washing and bathing safer. In part II of our series on bathroom safety, we look at adding ground fault circuit interrupter electrical outlets...

    • Posted March 18, 2014
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