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5 Quick Organization Tips For Your Home Office

By on April 2, 2018

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Working from home is becoming a far more popular concept in the digital age. Almost anyone in an office-based position now has the luxury and the choice to skip the daily commute and water cooler gossip for the peace and comfort of a home office. Creating an office in your home is one thing, but keeping it organized is something different altogether.

If you’re tired of sifting through the mountain of paperwork to find what you’re looking for, then consider any of these five quick home office organization ideas below.

Filing Cabinets

In a previous article, we discussed the many ingenious locations already in your home for an office nook. While these allow you to take advantage of the space you already have rather than searching for a purpose-built office to add to your property, it may not solve the problem of storage.

Many documents are now digital rather than physical records, so some people assume filing cabinets may no longer be needed. But, a filing cabinet can be a great home office organization idea! It can be both a set of drawers for your office supplies and a secure place for paperwork, and a terrific home for a printer or other easy-to-access office equipment. Consider sectioning off areas for stationery and work tools, and leave the remaining space for necessary files. The best part is, most filing cabinets come with dividers that can be labeled. Say goodbye to the days when you frantically searched for that one piece of paper!

Home Office Wall Organizer

There are so many ways you can convert a part of your home into your office, but space can often be limited. If you’re lacking room and want to organize your home office space efficiently, consider an office wall organizer. Instead of building your office space outwards with drawers and cabinets, build it upward instead! There are plenty of wall organizers on the market to suit your requirements. Some have basic cork boards for notes, while others include shelves, pouches, and more!

Use Trays

In an office environment, trays are often used to separate your workload. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you need to ditch the very organization tips that worked well in your office. Consider adding stacking workflow trays to your home office and benefit from a more controlled and organized environment that reduces stress levels.

Planning Boards

When you have several simultaneous tasks, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You can improve your productivity by organizing your home office to include planning boards.

For many, a wall-mounted planning board has been replaced by a digital notepad or organization app on a smartphone or tablet. However, many still need and enjoy the constant reminder and organizational benefit offered by a traditional planning board.

In the morning or before you wrap up your workday, create a list of everything you need to achieve. As you accomplish tasks, tick them off your list. Before long, you’ll find your system, your office, and your work is far more organized than before.

Premium Technology

You’re only as productive and as organized as the office tools you use.. Peak productivity has a direct relationship with your office hardware, software and the technology. Consider office equipment – computer, printer, smartphone, tablet, etc. – as investment rather than expense. Doing so will help you work smart, rather than work hard.

If you’re a telecommuter, the most crucial part of working from your home office is ensuring your technology easily and safely accesses your company’s data – be it from a shared server or the cloud.. Consider investing in a second (or even a third) monitor and technologically-advanced ergonomic furniture, so you can be as comfortable as you are productive.

Bonus Tip!

Given the space, don’t forget a comfy hangout for Fido or Mittens. Having your furry friend nearby to keep you company can reduce stress and make your workday more enjoyable.

When you’re looking to organize your home office, there are so many different techniques, tips, and advice. The more organized you are, the more productive your working day is. Consider these home office organization tips and benefit from an entirely new, workable space!


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