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Organized Living’s Systems Offer Efficiency And Artistry

By on October 20, 2017

Organized Living

Closet organization is a journey one can take in elegance, simplicity, and versatility. Needs change with the season, be it summer or winter attire, or if you are professional or semi-retired. Thankfully, there’s a solution for that.

Come aboard Organized Living’s freedomRail, where meeting your storage needs become state-of-the-art. From humble beginnings as a producer of faucets and fixtures, Organized Living has grown into an industry-leading storage and organization manufacturer. With a manufacturing and distribution facility in Bloomington, Indiana, Organized Living is committed to their mission, to improve people’s lives with organization.

The Carey Bros. Remodeling team has shown that a streamlined, organized feel can happen even in a renovated historic home. By incorporating products and concepts from Organized Living, they’ve provided beautiful storage solutions to the San Francisco Bay Area couple who are about to move into their renovated Craftsman-style bungalow. The remodeled home will have closets — including a dedicated linen closet — and a garage with everything in easy reach.

Working together with shared core values and a passion for excellence, Organized Living and the Carey Brothers collaborated to make the home project a success.

organized living

 “As your life changes, your wardrobe changes and your closet changes,” says designer Carol Carey, noting the morphing from career suits and high heels to jeans and tees. “With Organized Living, there’s an adaptability to your lifestyle. The system is wonderful and takes changeability needs in mind for the consumer.”

When it comes to historic homes, large storage spaces are rare. With freedomRail, the endless adjustability allows for a maximized storage space regardless of the size of the closet.
The core of the system is the hanging rail, which is the sole element that is mounted to the wall, with vertical uprights hanging from it. From there, components such as wood or wire shelves, pull out baskets, and a myriad of accessories can be added to further customize your organized closet.

“It’s very aesthetically pleasing, which is the beauty of freedomRail,” says Rebecca Nocheck, communications specialist for Organized Living. “This system also represents the strongest adjustable system in the industry. We offer seven finishes, and freedomRail has 50 percent more steel than the competition.”

The homeowner of the bungalow at 604 Second Street will also enjoy the flexibility and modern feel of an impeccable workspace for his passions of auto and furniture building and restoration with an Organized Living freedomRail Garage system. Its adjustable wire shelving can handle up to 500 pounds every 40 inches, and the unit can screw into any surface, from concrete to drywall.

“The Organized Living products provide a sturdy, highly configurable storage system for my garage,” says homeowner Mike McClellan. “My hobbies require lots of storage, and this product will allow me to make the best use of wall space, with the bonus of changing storage needs to suit the projects underway. This system is a huge improvement over free-standing shelving and using nails for hangers.” 

Other garage accessories include cabinets, baskets and hooks, which can accommodate bicycles and heavy hoses.

And, the product is “virtually indestructible,” says Nocheck, noting the ventilated shelving is epoxy-coated. “You can rough it up and it still looks as good as the day you bought it.”

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