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Washing Machine Check-up

By on January 4, 2014
Washer and Dryer

Avoid messy washing machine blues with simple “don’ts” and easy “do’s!”

Washing machines are handy time-savers and labor-savers. They also are responsible more than 150 million dollars worth of damage every year. Imagine a river flowing from your laundry room with hundreds of gallons of water per hour, pouring over cabinets and flooring and soaking your furniture and prized possessions. It happens. Last year, State Farm alone paid more than 7,500 water damage claims from broken washing-machine hoses. They ranged from a few hundred dollars to more than $100,000.

To reduce your risk, check water inlet hoses at least once a year. If they need replacing, two types are available. They are same-size rubber hoses for about $5 each or braided, stainless steel hoses, which last far longer, for about $15 apiece. You’ll find both at hardware stores and home centers. Installation is easy. Just leave at least 4 inches in back to prevent kinking. Those dollars you spend and minutes you use will keep you from singing the wash-machine blues.

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