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The World Leader in Stone Wool Solutions

By on May 6, 2018

As my brother and I endeavored to bring this early 20th-century Craftsman-style bungalow back to its historic charm, we remained mindful to include sustainable products, that while invisible to the eye, are essential to the high-quality feel of the home. With that in mind, we selected Rockwool stone wool for our insulation requirements.


  • Rockwool’s offerings include their thermal product — ComfortBatt, which may be used for floors, walls and attics and their Safe’n’Sound for optimal sound absorption at interior walls and ceilings.
  • I love Rockwool’s insulation because the per inch R-Value (insulative value) is greater than every other brand that I have ever used.
  • It is easy breezy to cut (all you need is a serrated knife) and it installs by simply pushing it in place – no stapling required with other brands.
  • Rockwools stone wool insulation has higher thermal and moisture resistance, along with greater density than traditional fiberglass.
  • The energy-efficient insulation, manufactured with up to 40 percent recycled material, is ideal for walls and ceilings with non-standard dimensions, often found in older buildings like this one.

Homeowners Mike and Robin:

“The overriding factor for us was its flame retardant capabilities. Any help we can give ourselves in this regard is a real bonus.”

  • “Because our house is on a relatively busy corner, we were looking for as much sound absorption as possible.

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