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Temporary Weather-Stripping Tips

By on October 15, 2014
Window Weather Stripping

If drafty windows and doors and the thought of Old Man Winter just around the corner have you reaching for your caulking gun, hold on. Before you go sealing up those cracks the old-fashioned way, remember last spring and how you couldn’t get your windows open because the caulk had turned rock solid.

This year you are in luck because of new, easy-to-use and easy-to-remove temporary weather-stripping that seals against nasty winter weather like caulk, but peels right off with ease in the spring. There are many different types now on the market. Some install with a caulking gun, while others are smooshed in place with your finger.

Either way, they zip right off when weather’s better, quickly and easily, and leave no residue. It will save you more than its cost in heating bills. And it sure beats the hassle of traditional caulks for temporary weather-stripping. Look for them at your local hardware store or at a home center near you.

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