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Talk About “Cool” Ovens!

By on January 3, 2014

New space-age “refrigerated ovens” combine the best of two worlds!

The Jetsons had a robot maid that cleaned and cooked any time of day. Do you want one, too, so you can leave home in the morning and have dinner waiting for you at night? Today you’ll learn how space-age refrigerated ovens can make your dreams come true. That’s right — new refrigerated ovens — gas, electric, microwaves, even commercial models that look no different from conventional ovens, yet keep food as cold as 38 degrees all day — until they’re ready to cook. Then either by pre-programming or remote commands via computer and the Internet (or even a Web-enabled cell phone), one or more units switch from refrigeration to cooking mode for one or more types of food.

Thus, your favorite dinner is ready on your arrival home. Change of plans? No problem, change commands by computer or cell phone. A robot maid that cooks? Who needs it? Soon you’ll be living and eating just like the Jetsons, thanks to these prototype refrigerated “smart” ovens (developed by “Tonight’s Menu”).

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