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  • Selling? Staying? Doesn’t Matter … Curb Appeal Adds Value to All Homes

    5 DIY Weekend Curb Appeal Projects In today’s hot real estate market, whether you’re moving on or hunkering down, enhancing the exterior home appearance is a top goal for homeowners. During National Curb Appeal Month in August, experts at...

    • Posted July 23, 2021
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  • Chuck Hanson: RollerRock® King

      Once Chuck Hanson got started, he couldn’t stop. The North Carolina homeowner simply became obsessed with covering his home’s exterior surfaces with RollerRock® from Daich Coatings. “I started with the garage floor in February of 2021,” says...

    • Posted June 10, 2021
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  • Pool; safety for Children
    Swimming Pools and Spas: Pool Safety For Children

    According to reports by the The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP), an industry trade association, an alarming number of drowning deaths involve young children. Sadly, these deaths don’t occur in a lake, river or ocean....

    • Posted July 24, 2018
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  • pool light
    Swimming Pools: Short In Pool Light?

    Q. I apparently have a short in my under water pool light. The GFI circuit breaker keeps tripping when I try to turn the light on. The light itself appears okay. Any suggestions on trouble shooting it?...

    • Posted May 19, 2016
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  • Storage – A Many Splendored Thing

    9 ways to handle your storage problems For about $6,000 per year you can instantly solve all of your home storage problems by renting space at your local self storage facility. There are commercial storage facilities that can...

    • Posted February 5, 2016
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  • Safety Tips for Built-In Pool

    Question: We purchased a new home with a built-in pool. Do you have any safety tips? (George, Wenatchee WA) Answer: There are several things that can be done to ensure pool safety. First, get an ornamental iron...

    • Posted October 2, 2015
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  • pool maintenance
    Winterizing Your Pool

    For many people with swimming pools the Labor Day Holiday marks the end of the swim season. This is especially true for people living in cooler climates. Alternatively, those living in warmer climates may have a good...

    • Posted September 1, 2015
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  • what to ask from a pool contractor
    Tips For Pool Maintenance!

    A swimming pool can be a marvelous way to cool off on a sultry day. However, be advised that owning a swimming pool involves more than sipping a refreshing beverage while basking in the sun aboard your...

    • Posted July 22, 2015
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  • pool maintenance and cleaning
    Keeping Your Pool in Tip Top Shape & Managing Costs

    A backyard swimming pool can be an especially inviting oasis — particularly on a hot and sultry day. Swimming pools like an inground fiberglass pool are more popular than ever, making them one of the most popular...

    • Posted May 27, 2015
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  • tips to conserve water
    10 plus Ways to Conserve Water

    Question Can you provide some tips for conserving water? Brett Answer Water can be easily wasted during any of the following activities: Landscape irrigation Hosing down walks and drives Washing automobiles and other vehicles Dishwashing Clothes washing...

    • Posted March 5, 2014
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