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A Sweet-Smelling Home Can Be Yours

By on November 21, 2014
Clean Odors from Ducts

Central Heating System Ducts and Odors

You turned on your central heating system and now your house smells like my brother’s old sweat-socks and you don’t know what to do about it.

First, make sure that under-floor ducting is not touching the ground and that it is well insulated. Ground water and water vapors are the primary ingredients needed to create a banquet for mildew and other fungi.

Next, remove the furnace filters and turn the fan on. Make sure the burners aren’t on, just the fan.

Next, fill a spray bottle with good old-fashioned household bleach – add a little cologne or a fragrance to the liquid, if you like, and spray the concoction into the furnace into the chamber previously covered by the filter.

The fan will force the sweet-smelling disinfectant solution throughout the ducting, kill mildew, fungi and bacteria; and leave your home as fresh and sweet as a new pair of socks. If the result isn’t as hoped contact a heating contractor and have your ducts professionally cleaned.

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