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Staying S.A.F.E Around Canines

By on April 29, 2014

Kids love dogs, and generally, dogs love kids, but both still need constant supervision. Today you’ll learn how to keep little ones safe with a make-sense program of the same name.

Every year, over 150,000 kids are treated for dog-related injuries, and most are due to bites from dogs known to the child. Most frequently bitten are boys ages 5 to 9, and most are bites that could have been prevented.

So what is S.A.F.E.? It stands for Supervision (when kids and dogs are together); Anticipating (and avoiding) risky situations, like putting the dog in a quiet part of the house during a boisterous kid’s birthday party; Follow-through, to be sure both the children and dog remain under full control at all times; and Educating not only kids but your dog as well.

Expecting a new baby at your house? Start pooch training early, with gentle ear and tail tugs followed by a treat to teach that such actions lead to good things. If you always Supervise, Anticipate, Follow through, and Educate, you’re likely to find that S.A.F.E. dogs don’t bite.

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