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Single-Handed Starter

By on July 28, 2014

Do you tend to drop small screws, bolts and nails when you work high up on a ladder or in really tight spaces? If so, here’s how to get a “clear grip” so small fasteners and parts won’t slip. From deep within the Carey Brothers’ vault, we wrap things up. Indeed, says here, to keep from dropping small screws, bolts and-or nails, especially when working high up or in tight spaces with this Single-Handed Starter.

First, push your fastener of choice through a 6-inch square of kitchen plastic wrap. Then holding it and the fastener tight against the head of your hammer or tip of your screwdriver, wind the wrap tightly around the tool pulling it tight to hold the fastener in place. Then with one hand, you can hammer or twist. Once it’s successfully started, tear the plastic wrap away and continue. For more tips, visit our Web site at 

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