Show Notes:Spring Gardening, Sound Insulation and Water – On the House

Show Notes:Spring Gardening, Sound Insulation and Water

By on April 4, 2016

Lots going on today for the start of Spring. Insulation, gardening, home well water technology, saving DIY dollars and getting rid of smells. A little bit of everything for the weekend warrior.

 Thank you to our guests:

David Smith: ROXUL –

Brian Broga: Pentair –

 Renae Farley: Keep The Peace


Help For A Noisy Basement

 Roxul Safe’n’Sound Sound insulation

Basement – the final day of the Final Four is tomorrow and there have been a lot of people watching games and making a lot of noise over the past few weeks. Why not insulate that room and keep the noise contained so others in the house continue to have a quiet space? The same principle applies to other areas in the home – home office, bathroom, family room.

You can insulate parts of your home to contain the sound inside a room, or to keep other noise out of a room. So if you want a quiet bedroom, some well deployed sound insulation can help.

Consider doing walls and ceilings.

Other tips – resilient channels.


April Gardening Checklist And Cheat Sheet

6 Great Tips For Your April Gardening And Landscaping Checklist.

  1. Prime planting season is here! It’s a good month to plant most trees, shrubs, evergreens and perennials as well as vegetables and annuals that can tolerate potential frost, such as spinach, lettuce, radishes, pansies, snapdragons, dianthus and dusty miller.
  2. April is ideal for transplanting trees, shrubs, evergreens and perennials that you realize are in the wrong place or in need of more room. The younger the plant, the better odds it’ll survive the move. Try to get as much of the rootball as possible and replant immediately at the same depth. Then water as you would with a new plant.
  3. April is also the time to dig and divide hardy perennial flowers – especially ones that bloom in fall, such as mums and sedum. Dig up the clumps and either pull them apart or cut them into fist-sized sections with a knife, spade or even ax, if necessary. Replant the pieces at the same depth, and you’ll have free new plants.
  4. Not enough spring color from bulbs? You don’t have to wait until fall to plant more dormant bulbs. Add impact now by planting blooming, potted bulb plants from the garden center once they’ve bloomed. Most will come back in future years. Add some to flower pots, too.
  5. Be sure to mark empty spaces in the landscape to show where to plant spring-flowering bulbs next fall.
  6. Start pruning early-spring-flowering trees and shrubs such as forsythia, redbud, star magnolia, viburnum, cherry, pear and bridalwreath spirea right after they’re done blooming. Evergreen hedges also can be sheared, and roses can be pruned just as the buds start to poke out.


Did You Know?

 How Far Wind Can Blow Water Uphill


80 mph wind will blow water up about 2″ This wind is a low category 1 hurricane
100 mph wind will blow water up to about 3″ This wind is a mid category 2 hurricane
115 mph wind will blow water up about 4″ This wind is a mid category 3 hurricane
130 mph wind will blow water up about 5″ This wind is a low category 4 hurricane
145 mph wind will blow water up about 6″ This wind is a high category 4 hurricane
155 mph wind will blow water up about 7″ This wind is a category 5 hurricane


New  Water Technology for Home Wells

Pentair’s Pentek Intellidrive, combined with the company’s Link2O technology, provides homeowners with constant pressure, system protection, and wireless remote monitoring of water systems with the help of professional well services. Whether homeowners are home or away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Link2O is a homeowner’s single source for on-demand information.

Provides constant water pressure

Pentek Intellidrive allows homeowners to control their home’s water pressure.

It automatically adjusts pressure based on the amount of water used

Protects your system

With Pentek Intellidrive the motor gradually starts and coasts to a stop, reducing wear and tear

When an abnormality occurs in the system the Pentek Intellidrive recognizes it and proactively engages to minimize damage

Link2O notifies the homeowner in real-time if there’s an issue with the water system, minimizing surprises and avoiding unnecessary repairs

Increases satisfaction

Through a communication partnership, the homeowner’s dealer will be made aware of any system problem at the same time as the homeowner, making them better prepared to address the issue

Homeowners can incorporate a smaller tank into their system, saving space and optimizing water-related appliances/outlets

Be Connected

Link2O puts the power of the Internet in the homeowner’s control, allowing him or her to monitor his or her water system at any given moment with any device

With Link2O technology, the homeowner is in control of the information he or she receives and what he or she does with it. The homeowner also decides who else receives system information and what action can be taken


Something New For DIYers

Stikwood is the world’s first Peel & Stik reclaimed and sustainable wood planking.

Stikwood products include Peel and Stik wood planking and wall art ideal for the commercial and residential design markets. Made from reclaimed and sustainable woods sourced from various locations in the U.S., Stikwood products boast the natural beauty that only time and the forces of nature can provide. With its remarkably simple Peel and Stik installation process, Stikwood brings the look of wood planking within reach as a fast and cost-effective interior design solution.


6 Savvy Ways To Save More At Lowe’s And The Home Depot

 With a little ingenuity, you can save even more at the register. Following are six things savvy shoppers can do to cut costs at both Home Depot and Lowe’s.

  1. Get discounted gift cards before shopping

Sites such as and offer discounted gift cards for both Lowe’s and Home Depot. We recently saw Lowe’s gift cards at a 10 percent discount on Cardpool and an 8.9 percent discount on Raise.

Meanwhile, we found Home Depot gift cards for 6.5 percent off on Cardpool and 5 percent off on Raise. What do-it-yourselfer could turn a blind eye to such savings?

  1. Sign up for the Garden Club

If you love to plant, the Lowe’s Garden Club can add a little “green” to your efforts — in the form of cold, hard cash.

Sign up for the club and you will receive a weekly email with coupons for foliage and gardening supplies. The emails also contain gardening tips from bloggers, videos and other goodies.

The Home Depot Garden Club also sends members emails with “special promotions, offers, how-to project information, expert advice and more.” In addition, you can sign up to receive up to 10 text messages per month with similar offers and advice. It looks like savings are in full bloom!More Than O Page

  1. Take advantage of price-match policies

Sometimes it pays to do a little research. If you find that a competing local retailer has a lower price on an item stocked by Lowe’s, bring in the competitor’s ad and Lowe’s will match the price — and then beat it by 10 percent.

The Home Depot offers a similar match-plus-10-percent policy.

Both retailers have exclusions to these price-matching guarantees, so it’s important to read the fine print.blank”>Try watching this video on</div></div>

  1. Use the military discount

If you are a current or retired member of the armed services with a valid, government-issued military ID card — or an immediate family member of someone with such a card — you can get a 10 percent military discount on every in-store purchase at Lowe’s.

Veterans also can get discounts on Veterans Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July so long as they hold a valid Form DD214 or other proof of service.

Lowe’s notes:

The Military Discount must be used on personal purchases only and cannot be used for purchases, previous sales, or the purchase of gift cards or services including product installations.

It also cannot be used with some other promotions.

Things are trickier at The Home Depot. Last year, there was controversy after a veteran posted on Facebook that his local store had refused to honor the military discount. Money Talks News was unsuccessful in its attempts to reach The Home Depot to further explain its policy. So, you may want to call your store to find out whether it offers the military price break.

  1. Shop through Ebates

Ebates is a popular cash-back website that can save you additional amounts with every purchase. For example, if you stop at Ebates before shopping at the Lowe’s website, you can save 3.5 percent on your purchase total.

If you visit Ebates before visiting The Home Depot website, you can save 1 percent on your purchase. It may not sound like much, but it adds up, particularly if you shop at these stores on a regular basis. In addition, there are sometimes specials that will considerably raise the rebate.

  1. Be on the lookout for damaged packaging

Product packaging sometimes gets a bit damaged during transit or stocking, and you may be able to use these imperfections to your advantage.

Many stores — including Lowe’s and The Home Depot — want to rid their shelves of items with torn or otherwise damaged boxes. So if you see a box that looks a bit worse for the wear, ask the store manager if they are willing to discount the item.

After all, the worst they can say is no — and often, they won’t.



Ridding Your Home Of Unpleasant Odors

 Few things are more embarrassing to a homemaker than unpleasant odors in the house. A foul-smelling garbage disposal or ripe garbage pail can make even the loveliest of homes uninviting.

 Unpleasant odors often are associated with poor housekeeping. While this sometimes is the case, foul odors can invade even the tidiest of homes. Bacteria is a prime source of most household odors. Decomposing food, pet feces and dampness caused by poor ventilation are producers of odor-causing bacteria.

Ironically, most unpleasant odors can be eliminated using a few common household products. Baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol and cat litter can do more to freshen the air than a battery of caustic cleaning products.

One fundamental element in preventing unpleasant odors from returning is to eliminate the source. Be careful about what you throw into the garbage pail. Empty food cans should be thoroughly rinsed before they are tossed into the trash. Fruit and vegetable peels should be fully ground in the garbage disposal or placed in a compost pile. Never put wet garbage into household trash.

Another effective means of keeping a house smelling fresh is to have lots of ventilation – fresh air. It isn’t enough to open a window now and then. Open closet doors and dresser drawers regularly. Never place damp clothing into a closet or dresser drawer.

Aside from its primary use for our feline friends, cat litter is an especially effective odor-dispeller throughout the house. Its clay composition gives it magnet-like properties when it comes to absorbing foul odors. Freshen a musty trunk by pouring cat litter into a large, uncovered coffee can. Place the can into the trunk and close the trunk lid. In most cases the odor will be gone overnight.

Cat litter also can eliminate odors in garbage cans. Simply sprinkle a couple of inches of the cat litter into the bottom of the can. Replenish the cat litter each time the can is dumped.

And, believe it or not, cat litter acts as an excellent absorbent for foul odors in the refrigerator. But, if cat litter next to food bothers you, substitute baking soda. Place a small dish or bowl filled with baking soda on one of the refrigerator shelves. It works just as well in the freezer. Baking soda has lots of other odor-eliminating applications. You can remove odors and spills inside the refrigerator or freezer using a cloth dipped in a solution of two tablespoons of baking soda in one quart of warm water, and then wrung out.

Baking soda in combination with table salt, vinegar and boiling water acts as an environmentally friendly drain cleaner/odor eliminator. Pour one cup of table salt, one cup of baking soda, one cup of white vinegar along with two quarts or boiling water into a drain. We suggest that you do this at bedtime in order to allow the solution to remain in the P-trap and drain overnight. Perform this routine about once a month for clog-free, fresh-smelling drains.

Freshen a smelly garbage disposal by grinding sections of oranges, lemons or grapefruit while flushing the unit with warm water. Another safe method of cleaning the garbage disposal is the use of ice cubes made of vinegar and water. Pour one cup of vinegar into an empty ice cube tray. Fill the balance of the tray with water, and freeze. Grind the vinegar cubes in the disposal. The vinegar acts as a cleaning agent while the ice sharpens the blades.

One of the least pleasant and most difficult household odors to remedy comes from pet urine. Urine has a tendency to permeate an entire home. Urine-soaked carpets should be professionally cleaned. Severe cases might require carpet and pad replacement. Concrete or wood flooring below the carpet and pad should be sterilized with a solution of one cup of bleach in one gallon of hot water. If the odor persists, the area should be sealed with a coat or two of shellac. White vinegar works especially well on concrete that has been tainted by urine. Scrub the area with a solution consisting of half white vinegar and half warm water. Or, put undiluted denatured alcohol in a spray bottle and spray the floor thoroughly.

White vinegar also can be used to get rid of strong cooking odors. Place a pan of white vinegar on the stove and let it simmer.

To remove fish, garlic and onion odors, wash utensils, pans cutting boards and your hands in lemon juice.

Nothing can sour a good novel more than the musty smell that frequently emanates from old classics. To rid books of this odor, store them in a paper bag filled with crumpled newspaper. The newspaper will absorb the smell. Repeat this process several times using fresh newspaper each time.


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