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Show Notes: Spring Fences

By on February 6, 2016

Does your backyard need a new look? Has your fence seen better days? It’s time to start planning your outdoor remodeling projects for spring.

Super Bowl is high on the list of subjects this week. If you are having a party, we have some safety tips to keep your guests safe.


Super Bowl 50 Food By The Numbers 

Super Bowl is the second largest US food consumption day, only surpassed by Thanksgiving. Viewers will spend an average of $82.19 on food, decor and team apparel, up from $77.88 last year. If you’re not already shocked by how much we’re buying–and eating–for the big showdown between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, chew on these facts:

Chicken Wings – 1.23 billion

Pizza – 11 million slices

Potato Chips – 11.2 million pounds

Pretzels – 4 million pounds

Nuts – 2.5 million pounds

Avocados – 80 million

Pop Corn – 3.8 million pounds

Hamburgers – 14 billion

Beer – 51.7 million cases


How NFL Stadiums Affect Home Values

Trulia analyzed how being located within 2 miles of a stadium affected a home’s value.

The determining factor in home values is the neighborhood surrounding the stadium rather than the stadium itself.

Neighborhoods around National Football League stadiums tend to have homes that are more expensive both in sales and rental value, but new stadiums built in the last decade, by and large, have failed to lift the fortunes of homes in nearby areas.

In other words, owning a home near a stadium is nice, but if they build one down the street, don’t get your hopes up. 


Make Your Home Super Bowl Party Safe

If you are having a Super Bowl party at home, following basic safety rules are important.

Always have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit on hand. Injuries and fires occur when people least expect them.

Avoid any clothing, no matter how festive, that blocks the ability to see or move freely.

Never leave children or pets unattended and be sure that the excitement isn’t too much for them. Often pets can be especially fearful in new situations that may startle them.

Never use grills, generators or any other appliance that uses gasoline, propane or charcoal inside an enclosed area. This can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning as well as fires.

Be sure that heaters are not near anything that will catch fire.

Super Bowl parties are great fun, but people should always party safe. By following these guidelines, Super Bowl party goers can cheer for their favorite team, while staying healthy and safe.


 Tips For Planning Your Backyard Makeover

The 2016 Garden Furniture has already hit the big box stores and that means it’s time to start thinking summer.

How long has it been since you gave your backyard a makeover?

Here a few ideas to consider:

Create indoor-outdoor living spaces.

Add speakers and outdoor televisions

Vertical Gardens for fences or railings

Add a multi-functional fire pit to your deck or patio and add a new level of comfort to outdoor spaces for nighttime living. Your source of heat can also be your table!

It’s time to get rid of the outdoor incandescent lighting and move up to LED Landscape lighting. LED lighting is a natural fit for outdoor lighting. The bulbs are hugely efficient with a long life — perfect for places where lights are left on for hours, and for lighting that’s hard to reach to replace bulbs.

Outdoor LED lights use up to 75 percent less power than conventional lights, and last 20 times longer.

Become an urban farmer, growing vegetable gardens was among the most popular projects in 2015 and it has carried over to 2016.


Planning A Spring Fencing Project 

If it’s time for a new fence and you are starting to compare products here are some pros and cons of wood versus vinyl fencing:



Natural and recyclable product


Can be finished with paint or stain

Easy to repair


Requires annual maintenance

It can become infested with pests

Posts can fail

Vinyl Fences


Low Maintenance

Resemble traditional wood fences

No splintering

Can be recycled



Vinyl becomes more brittle in the cold, making it susceptible to damage.

A vinyl fence is a vinyl fence

Algae, mold and mildew, which cause unsightly staining

What’s your choice?


Toilet Seat Replacement 101

Are all toilet seats the same? No, here area few tips to guarantee finding a the right replacement toilet seat without taking the old one to the store with you:

First, you want to measure from the back of the toilet seat to the longest point in the front of the seat. Second, measure the seat from side to side of the seat at the widest point. Finally, measure the bolt spread of the hinges from the center of one hinge to the center of the other hinge.

Finally, you need to decide on wood, plastic, soft close, heated.

The best budget toilet seat is molded wood. If you hate the lid slamming, look for a soft closing seat. And if you hate cold seats,

look at heated seats or how about a night light?

Removing the old seat:

Depending on the seat you own, it can be removed with either a screwdriver or a wrench. Remember, your tools are steel and can easily chip the bowl, which is porcelain. If the bolts are rusty or badly calcified, you can spray them with WD-40® penetrating oil, but use only if you do not intend to use the seat again. Let the oil sit for five or ten minutes, and then try loosening the bolts again. If they still won’t move, you might want to consider calling a professional.


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