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Show Notes: Don’t Labor Over Labor Day

By on August 31, 2019
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Labor Day weekend!

School has started. The days are cooling. And Labor Day is here.

The end of summer is here and the beginning of fall is upon us. This week the Carey Brothers tell you how to prepare for a great Labor Day weekend to kick off into the fall season with a bang!

Missed our live show? Don’t worry! Because we have a podcast of the show. It’s the same thing we aired on the radio, but ready for you whenever and wherever you are! Check it out here. 

Garage Storage Tips And Ideas To Get Ready For Fall

 Don’t procrastinate on fall garage storage preparations.

Procrastinating on making sure your garage is winter-ready has several negative effects, including: 

  • causing you to deal with your fall garage storage concerns later when temperatures in your garage are less comfortable 
  • creating potential extra costs due to lower garage energy efficiency and damage to items from improper winter storage 
  • the extra time that’s wasted looking for things 
  • generally prohibits you from getting the most functionality out of your garage space 

Taking a proactive approach to your fall garage storage considerations will serve you well throughout the coming colder months. You’ll also notice the benefits when the warm weather returns. 

Winter is coming! Is your garage ready? These 13 storage tips will help you prepare. Make sure your garage space is organized and functional for the months ahead. 

 Declutter your garage 

Anyone with a well-kept garage space will undoubtedly be taking the time to declutter this area at least once a year (at minimum). The benefits of decluttering include: 

  • it frees up space for indoor parking and improves garage functionality and organization 
  • implementing better storage solutions such as garage cabinetry is easier 
  • it makes your garage safer by eliminating tripping hazards from items left on the floor (like rakes) 
  • locating items when you need them will be easier 

After cleaning and decluttering, you may ask help from a good provider like the Full Estate Cleanout Services with Neighborhood Junk Removal to help collect your trashes!

Clean your garage floor 

Your fall garage storage tasks should include making sure your space is clean and as free of dirt, dust, and grime as possible. Spring cleaning your garage after the messy toll that winter takes on it is essential. 

You’d also be advised to take the time to clean your garage floor before the snow comes. After all, garages in colder climates will almost certainly get more use during the spring and summer months. That creates a lot of foot traffic and tracks in dirt from your yard on shoes, boots, and tools. 

After decluttering, give your garage floor a good sweep and thoroughly rinse off the remaining debris with a hose. Make sure any electrical outlets that might come in contact with spray from your hose are covered up. 

Then remove the remaining water on your floor with a good squeegee.  

 Turn off your outdoor water and empty and store all hoses

Before freezing temperatures become the norm, make sure your home’s outdoor water connection is shut off for the winter. Drain the lines as much as possible as well. This will greatly minimize the chance of pipes bursting during winter time, which can be an expensive repair. 

Your garden hoses should also receive attention when you’re carrying out your fall garage storage preparations. Garden hoses should be kept coiled and unkinked at all times to prolong their life and prevent cracking and leaks. 

Disconnect your garden hose from its water connection and make sure you’ve drained all the water from it. It’s a bad idea to leave water in hoses over the winter for a few reasons. Don’t forget to drain sprinklers and watering wands as well. 

Specifically, water left in hoses that freezes can rupture the hose or cause it to crack. An undrained hose that’s left connected could also cause ice to potentially creep its way into your pipes and cause them to burst. 

 Drain your garden hoses and make sure they’re properly stored before sub-zero temperatures arrive. 

 Make sure certain items aren’t kept in the garage

More than a few homeowners make the mistake of using their garage to store items that should be stored in their heated living space. Here are a few items that you shouldn’t be keeping in the garage: 

  • paint, cleaning products, and many household chemicals (frigid temperatures affect their consistency, color, and effectiveness) 
  • electronics you plan to donate (condensation can damage solder joints and cause circuit boards to rust or crack) 
  • clothing or linens that aren’t in vacuum-sealed storage bags 
  • propane tanks (store them in a shed or covered outdoor area) 
  • paper, which attracts rodents and other pests 

 Make your garage more energy efficient 

Your garage doors are the largest moving object in your home. They also account for as much as third of your home’s front exterior. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to make sure this home feature is properly outfitted to maximize your garage’s energy efficiency. 

Make sure your garage doors are properly insulated to keep as much warm air in and as much cold air out. Modern garage doors offer much better insulation features than older models, which can help lower your heating costs. 

Steel garage doors, in particular, are a popular choice for homeowners looking for garage doors that provide stylish aesthetics and effective insulating features. 

Adding insulation to your garage ceiling and walls can have a major beneficial impact on your garage’s energy efficiency. This can be a big, messy job that also isn’t cheap, but it’s a smart long-term investment. 

Make sure your garage doors, window frames, and any other doors have weatherstripping to eliminate drafts. Weatherstripping can peel and crack over time, so be sure to inspect it periodically. You can also eliminate drafts around window and door frames, vents, and any outlets with caulking. 

Remember, improving your garage’s energy efficiency during the winter also means it’ll be more energy efficient during the rest of the year. A well-insulated attached garage should ease the burden of your air conditioner when the weather heats up. 

Make better use of your garage’s wall space

One of the most commonly underutilized storage areas in garages are its walls. What’s the main thing that’s keeping you from using your garage for parking? Floor clutter, of course! 

Reclaiming that valuable garage floor space to allow for parking will be especially appreciated when the cold weather arrives. You won’t need to brush snow off vehicles and de-ice their windows, sparing you extra exposure to any inclement weather. Vehicles will also warm up quicker. 

Adding a slatwall storage system to your garage walls will make it a lot easier to maintain an organized garage.  

PVC slatwall panels provide flexible storage space for all of your lawn and garden tools. 

 Test all garage alarm devices and check your fire extinguisher

Many fire departments advise you to test your smoke, carbon monoxide, and heat detectors a minimum of twice a year. Make a practice of doing so whenever the clocks go forward and go back. 

Your garage should have a heat detector and carbon monoxide detector installed, so make it a habit to add testing these devices to your fall garage storage and preparation to-do list. 

If your garage also contains a fire extinguisher that can be stored in colder temperatures, give it an inspection. Check that its expiry date is still good and check its pressure if there’s a pressure gauge. 

If you’re not storing a fire extinguisher in your garage, store one just inside the door that enters your home from your attached garage. 

What’s that, you say? Your garage doesn’t have a fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide detector, or heat detector? Investing in any or all three of these inexpensive items is a sensible idea as an extra safety measure to protect your home. 

 Prepare your equipment and tools for winter storage

A little preventative care when storing your lawn tools and equipment for the winter will extend their life. This also includes patio furniture. By spring, they’ll all be ready to use right away. Take the time to declutter any tools that are barely used or worn out and no longer useful. 

Lawn and garden tools like wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels, tillers, and edgers can be hosed down, which should remove most dirt. To remove stubborn caked-on soil and dirt, hose the tools down and use a light wire brush for cleaning (this can also be used to remove light rust). Make sure to dry all washed items before storing them. 

Now let’s give your cutting tools a little attention. Your pruners, loppers, shears, saws, and hedge trimmer blade will likely have sap on them. Use a cutting tool cleaner (or turpentine, which is also effective) to remove any sticky residue. Also, inspect the sharpness of the tools’ blades. 

Powered yard equipment needs even more care before storing them for the winter to maximize their life. Clean any grass clippings and residue from lawn mowers and grass trimmers. 

For gas-powered equipment, drain all gas, oil, and other additives from the tools and dispose of the fluids properly. Consider an end-of-season tune-up for your lawn mower so you’ll have one less thing to deal with when spring comes. 

 Look up to find more fall garage storage space

Along with a garage’s walls, its vertical space is rarely used to the best of its abilities for storage. Remedy that and find more fall garage storage space by adding specialty overhead racking to store your bulkier and seasonal items. 

Because these larger items have more weight, you’ll need a more heavy-duty storage solution, which our overhead racks provide. Up to 600 lbs can be supported on our adjustable racks, which are available in a variety of sizes. 

Many homeowners taking care of their fall garage storage needs in colder climates will own an extra set of car tires. If you have more than one vehicle with a second set of tires, that can take up more garage floor space than you’d prefer. Try using a heavy-duty wall-mounted tire rack instead. 

With these bulky items stored vertically, you’ll be amazed at how much space this can free up on your garage floor. Parking will be easier and you’ll be able to quickly locate those storage bins or totes full of holiday decorations when needed. 


Is Your Home Ready For Labor Day Weekend?  

It’s time to say goodbye — to the summer that is. Labor Day weekend is HERE, which means so is the last backyard party of the season. Here are four ways to prep your home for the holiday, so you, your family, and your friends can all relax and enjoy one last summer bash! 

Conquer outdoor chores.

You can only enjoy your backyard if you take care of it properly beforehand. Clean off your patio furniture and spot clean the cushions. Clean your pool of any branches, leaves, or bugs. And make sure your outdoor lighting and speakers are working properly. 

 Clean your grill.

With all the picnics, barbecues, and backyard parties, your grill has gone through a lot this season. Use a stainless steel brush to clean the burner tubes and a plastic scraper to push all the excess grease into a catch pan. 

 Be careful with food prep.

What’s a Labor Day holiday without lots of food? To minimize the chance of cross-contamination, wash your hands before and after you touch any raw meat. And don’t let anything sit in the sun! Refrigerate all food items until it’s ready to be cooked or served. 

 Schedule an HVAC tune-up.

Most of your guests will be enjoying the weather outside, but some may need to take a breather inside your home as well. Scheduling a tune-up for your HVAC system ensures that your unit will continue to cool your home and run smoothly. TIP: Don’t forget to leave your thermostat on 78 degrees (F) so your AC doesn’t waste energy cooling an empty home! 

Southwire Recalls Electrical Outlet Boxes Due to Fire Hazard 

This recall involves Garvin Pop-Up Floor Box Kits with a finish of either stainless steel or brushed brass that each include two electrical receptacles and two USB ports. The pop-up electrical outlet boxes are designed to be installed into floors with a metal lid that opens and closes to reveal the electrical receptacles and USB ports. 

Consumers should immediately unplug any electrical devices from the recalled electrical outlet boxes, discontinue their use and contact Southwire for a full refund.

Southwire has received three reports of the floor boxes overheating. No injuries have been reported. They were sold online at,,,, and from January 2016 through August 2018 for about $90. 


Martha Orellana of Mr. Steam joined the Carey Brothers to discuss 40 Benefits of Steam Bathing!

There are tons of benefits associated with steam bathing! Below are just a few of the benefits discussed.

  • Respiratory Health
  • Skin Care
  • Physical Wellness
  • Well Being
  • Holistic Health
  • And much more!

Give them a call at 800 872 8827.

10 Swimming Pool Safety Tips  

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), drowning is the #1 cause of death for children under five — and it usually happens without warning and without a sound. 

 You would never put your baby in a car without a car seat or seat belt, and you would never leave a firearm out where your child is playing.  But for many parents, pool safety is seen as an optional luxury, despite the pool being statistically more dangerous than both the gun and cars combined, says swimming pool safety consultant Eric Lupton. 

 Lupton says that no child is drown proof, and even the best parents have suffered tragedies. 

 Seventy-seven percent of drownings occur less than five minutesafter the child was last seen often in his room, sleeping, says Lufton. The one positive light is that toddler drownings are almost completely preventable when multiple layers of protection are implemented. 

10 Key Layers of Protection for Pool Safety  every parent to should know about: and implement immediately, if not sooner: 

 Installing a see-throughmesh pool fenceis the first step in childproofing the most dangerous part of the house, the backyard swimming pool. 

Make sure that yourpool servicetreats the fence with respect and completely closes it when they leave, 

Keeplawn furniturethat can be climbed onaway from the pool fence 

Install a pool alarmthat sounds when something falls into the pool 

Install high locks and alarmson doors and windows leading to the pool 

Those withabove ground poolsshouldput ladders awaywhen adults are not present to prevent children from gaining access to the water. 

Teach all children to swim and how-to self-rescue, startingas early as 6 months old 

When anyone is swimming, appoint adesignated water watcher whose sole responsibility is watching the pool no phone, no socializing, nothing butwatching the pool. Water watchers should work in shifts of no longer than 15 minutes.  Even trained lifeguards have a hard time maintaining focus longer than that. 

Life jackets, not floaties,should be worn by weak swimmers and non-swimmer and aSafety Turtle alarmshould be placed on the arms of young children. 

 Parents and others supervising pool sessions shouldget trained in CPR. 


 7 Outdoor Improvement Projects You Can Start – And Finish – This Labor Day Weekend  

Warmer weather offers the perfect opportunity to get started on a home improvement project. But if you’re anything like us, you probably fear starting something you can’t finish, especially when there are so many summer distractions. Pool parties, vacations, that new season of “Arrested Development”—you name it, there’s a reason you’re not getting a huge project completed in these wonderful, balmy months. 

But before you give up entirely, know this: There are plenty of projects that can be started—and finished—in the course of a single weekend. Sometimes even in less than a day! That leaves you plenty of time to sit back and admire your handiwork. 

As you canvass your property for ways to pump up your style, think about small details for your garden, front porch, or lawn. Next, check out the kits available at home improvement stores and garden centers to see if there’s a blueprint that’ll make your building process a bit smoother. 

 Got your toolbox? Here are seven great outdoor projects you can accomplish this weekend. 

  1. Give your front door a face-lift

Time: Most of a (sunny) weekend 

Tools: A quart each of exterior paint and primer, sandpaper, paint roller, paint pan, 2-inch angled paintbrush 

To start, decide whether you want to remove the door to paint, or paint it in place. If you do the latter, you can tape off the edges so paint won’t splatter the frame. No matter what, remove the hardware first. 

Then match new paint to the type of door you have (wood, metal, etc.) and sand away marks or bumps so the fresh coat adheres. Next, apply a primer and then two coats of paint—be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly. (Depending on the color, you might need a third coat.) Use the angled brush for small nooks and the roller for the panels. 

  1. Build a trellis

Time: Several hours 

Tools: Half-inch-thick pieces of lattice, stain or paint, screws or nails, saw 

If you want to spice up your garden, just build a budget-friendly pergola or trellis, suggests J.B. Sassano, president of Mr. Handyman. You’ll also be adding visual interest and a pathway for climbing vines and ivies. What’s more, it’s extremely simple. Really, you can do this. 

To build one: Create four triangular sides by arranging sawn lattice in the desired pattern and attaching the pieces with screws or nails. Use wood stain or outdoor paint to finish the look. 

Can’t get the green to grow? Lewis suggests wrapping a pergola or arbor with lights, ribbon, or streamers for special occasions. 

  1. Stain the picnic table

Time: A half-day 

Tools: Sandpaper, waterproof wood stain, foam brush or paintbrush, drop cloth, paint tray, rags, spray cleaner 

Freshen your outdoor table for hot dog season with new stain. Scrub the wood, and allow it to dry thoroughly. Sand as needed, removing the residue with a rag. Stain the underside of the table first, and let it dry for two hours or so. Then flip it over and stain the top. 

  1. Hang and organize a pegboard

Time: Two hours 

Tools: Pegboard, saw, lathe screws or furring strips, assorted hooks for tools 

Tame that chaos in the garage with a simple board to house all of your necessary gadgets, instruments, and devices. 

Measure the space and consider the number of tools you want to store (you can lay them out to gauge how they’ll look on the wall). Cut the pegboard to fit, and attach it with screws to exposed studs on the wall (or attach a frame of furring strips to the board so you can mount it on a finished wall). Insert hooks, and hang up your tools. 

  1. Plant herb buckets

Time: Two hours 

Tools: Planters, potting soil, garden gloves, a trowel, herbs, watering can 

You can’t beat fresh basil for your pasta dishes and mint with your juleps. 

Locate a spot on your deck or patio that gets at least six hours of sun a day. Fill planters most of the way with soil, and then loosen herb plants from their containers. Dig small holes to accommodate each plant, and then gently cover the base with more soil. Tamp the dirt down a bit, and water generously. 

Voila! Now you’re cooking. 

  1. Replace deck boards

Time: Several hours 

Tools: A screwdriver, new deck boards, hammer, galvanized nails or deck screws, nail puller, circular saw, drill/driver, tape measure 

“Decks can be unsafe if you have loose, soft, or cracked wood, so check for rot by pushing the end of a screwdriver into each board,” Sassano says. 

If the point goes in easily, the piece needs replacing. Before removing the old wood, though, measure it so you know the dimensions for your new pieces. 

Remove screws with the drill/driver, or nails with the puller, and then mark new boards for cutting with the saw. Lay new decking pieces in place, and attach with screws or nails to the joist below. 

  1. Paint the garage floor

Time: Two days 

Tools: A paint roller and extension handle, concrete cleaner, floor sealant, epoxy paste, sandpaper, and epoxy coating 

Clean up the look of your garage floor with a chemical-resistant epoxy coating, which comes in multiple colors, suggests Dan Schaeffer, owner of Five Star Painting, in Austin, TX. 

Start by applying the concrete cleaner as directed, fill any cracks with epoxy paste and sand away excess when it’s dry. Paint on the sealant, which acts as a primer, and allow it to dry all day. Paint a layer of epoxy coating, let it dry overnight, and then apply a second coat. 


things to do around the bay


Golden Gate Park Band Labor Day Celebration 

The symphony that has called Golden Gate Park home for more than 100 years celebrates Labor Day with free concerts open to the public. 

1 p.m. Sunday-Monday, Sept. 1-2. Free. Spreckels Temple of Music, Music Concourse, Golden Gate Park, S.F. 

2019 Sausalito Art Festival 

 Festival: August 31-September 2: Sat/Sun, 10:00 AM- 7:00 PM, Mon, 10:00 AM-5:00 PM 

The Sausalito Art Festival brings world-class art, music and wine together on the Sausalito Waterfront for a Festival like none other this Labor Day Weekend.  

Experience 260 fine artists from around the world and three days of live music on two stages. Enjoy beverages from some of the best wine and spirits makers in the country and for the first time, check out the intersection of art and technology at our new Art Tech Pavilion. 


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Thank you for tuning in this Labor Day Weekend! And check in next week for more cool tips! 

“Don’t Labor Over Labor Day” Show Notes for On The House with the Carey Brothers aired August 31, 2019. 

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